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The elegantly named BetVictor brand is a well-established sportsbook known for its outstandingly comprehensive betting options. Established in 1946 and online since the late nineties, it’s been worldwide from day one.

Head honcho Victor Chandler moved it to Gibraltar around the same time. Today BetVictor is known for offering some of the best odds in the industry, and along with a successful track record, is seen as one of its industry’s innovation leaders.

The brand is one of the world’s largest bookmakers. They offer fantastic sign-up bonuses and other incentives for new players signing up with their sportsbook or casino.

This includes cash-backs, insurance, free bets and more. Most of these are focused on their bookmaking, but the company still offers one of the most competitive casino and mobile gaming platforms out there with over 700 games available including a live casino and its mobile offerings.

We are very impressed with BetVictor and think you’ll be equally as taken by its betting options below.

BetVictor: All Round Gambling Experience

When we signed up, the process was so smooth and easy that it left us wondering why other gambling sites take so much time making people go through their long signup process. Forget confirmations by email. BetVictor had us up and running in a flash, with no hiccups exactly the way we like it!

One thing BetVictor does well is providing quick customer service on their betting site. You can find a small question mark icon at the bottom right and expand it to see all of their options which include live chat, email, and a FAQ.

One of the only drawbacks to BetVictor is that it tilts somewhat in favor of UK sports and Irish horse racing. This has improved as time goes on, however, expanding its focus more toward other international markets such as MMA when trending.

BetVictor as a Bookmaker

The sports betting category is a perfect 10 for BetVictor. As one of the biggest bookmakers worldwide, they have spent decades perfecting their core product, which is to say this industry. Obviously, offering an online casino was wise branding and gave them some much needed diversification in other verticals, but their bread-and-butter has always been about sports.

One of our favorite aspects about the BetVictor sportsbook is how it looks. Anyone who designed this site knows a thing or two about elegance and understated style. Clean white and soft blue combine for a truly professional look to go along with any other feeling of confidence, which has made it easier for us from time to time.

Game Variety at BetVictor Casino

When BetVictor added an online casino to its already successful sportsbook, some players jumped ship. However, these kids know what they’re doing. They’re ready to prove the critics wrong in true “British Bulldog” style-to-win attitude.

As a well established player BetVictor knows how to do things right, offering well over 700 games because it understand that not everyone is into sports. You’ll find everything you want here, including the latest slots and classic jackpot games as well as roulette and blackjack – and much more.

Withdrawals, Bonuses and Customer Support

Their payment section is one of the few areas that could use some work. While you may not be able to please everyone, being able to satisfy the majority of your customers is a goal for any business. Established as one of the largest bookmakers worldwide, BetVictor makes it easy to get paid quickly and deposit money with ease. All things considered, there are not many downsides to this brand, although they do not offer as many payment options compared to other companies.

Here we found that BetVictor does offer some bonuses for players, with focus on their sportsbook. They give a 200% casino bonus up to $1000 in casino funds and they also provide a 100% welcome bonus up to $300 on the first bet made at the site.

BetVictor Welcome Offer

This bookmaker provides a wide range of promotional offers for horse racing, football, and other sporting events such as ACCA insurance offers, cashbacks on weekend bets, best odds guaranteed for horse racing, etc.

BetVictor’s customer support lives up to the company’s name by providing fast and friendly service. We found live chat to be the best option for communication, as we could talk to someone right away.

After initiating a chat, the response is fast and efficient. Similarly, email messages are answered within a few hours with responses being reasonably speedy. There doesn’t appear to be a phone number which makes this  annoying at times. However, a callback service is available and does work well when used appropriately.

Is BetVictor reliable?

Again, BetVictor excels in this area with one of the longest histories in the industry over decades and no blemishes on their online history. Among experienced gamblers, it is common knowledge that a lot of generations within the same family have made use of BetVictor over time.

BetVictor has one of the simplest and most user-friendly interfaces for sports book that we have seen in our many years of online betting. In our opinion, an online betting site should be easy to use (even by novices) and logically laid out with as few distractions as possible.

BetVictor offers the best features in sports betting for players, including markets, odds, payments, and support.

BetVictor’s Sportsbook

For sports betting, BetVictor is the place to start. They have set the standard for all other online retailers of sportsbooks to follow. BetVictor is one of the top bookmakers worldwide. They offer a lot of bet types, and include a wide variety of sports in their betting options.

Since all sports betting markets on BetVictor are listed in a clean user interface, one can easily see what options might catch their eye when looking through the homepage. BetVictor covers all major sports and markets at a solid selection of sports including NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB and soccer. Fans of unconventional sports will also find some interesting betting options in water polo, speedway racing, and even a bit of politics.

Keep in mind that while they do offer a lot of betting options, their range is not quite as vast as some other sportsbooks. BetVictor isn’t just for general contestants. You can also find a number of MMA betting options here, with some great odds and promising bets.

Different Types of Bet at BetVictor

There are many great betting options and odds offered across all the sports at BetVictor. However, it is best known as the go-to brand for soccer and racing fans. One of the fun tools available in BetVictor is the ability to change the odds display. You can adjust it from a simple drop-down menu to suit your betting style:

  • US
  • Fractional
  • Decimal
  • Indo
  • Chinese

We analyzed some of the most popular bets available at BetVictor across a wide range of sports. Many common betting options, such as those in soccer/football, basketball, and horse racing could be found throughout our exploration.

Below, one or two unique offerings are briefly mentioned, as well as their fancy innovations that add excitement to the game.

Price it Up Feature

BetVictor is renowned for their cutting-edge approach to a variety of bets, and such innovation shines in the Price it Up feature. To get the price for your custom bet, tweet BetVictor with the hashtag #PriceItUp so that traders can calculate it.

Higher Odds Accepted

If someone selects this option, it will automatically accept the higher odds if those odds have changed. This is of course if you added a bet to the bet slip and actually confirmed that bet.

Accumulator/Fold Bet (Parlay Special)

This type of bet allows you to put your winnings from your first bet onto your second bet and so on. There are various accumulator bets which you can take, including fourfold accumulators, fivefold accumulators, six-fold accumulators, and so on.

Ante-Post Prices

Punters are incentivized to bet on major sporting events. Often times, this is before the day of the event begins. In turn, they take a chance with their stake not being returned if their selected pick pulls out.

Moneyline Bet

One of the most popular wagers in both soccer and other sports, the three-way bet may be offered as a home result, away result, or a tie.

Combination Forecast

In order to create a successful combination forecast, make three or more selections and include any scenarios of those choices finishing first and second.

Correct Score Bet

One of the very popular betting options in soccer, where you have to predict the exact final score of a match, for instance in the English Premier League Football.

First Goal Scorer

A type of sports betting, when someone predicts who will score the first goal during play.

Match Spread Betting

Essentially, handicap betting gives teams a starting points advantage or disadvantage. In this example, a +5 is applied to the final score of one team and a -5 is applied to the same team’s opponent in a game.

Over/Under Betting

Punters can bet on whether the total number of goals or points scored in a game or match will be over or under a certain given number (total). These bets are most common in football, basketball and soccer.

Deposit and Withdrawal with BetVictor

BetVictor offers a variety of payment options, but doesn’t have as many as other leading sportsbooks and casinos. We feel that what they do offer covers the range of popular preferences and should suit all bettors.

This includes a number of payment options, such as debit or credit cards from MasterCard and Visa, eWallet methods like Neteller and Skrill, and several fast bank transactions. Additional options are available depending on your country of residence and currency, for example PayPal for some regions.

Unlike many other sportsbooks, BetVictor has options for international currency. One can deposit money in an assortment of different currencies: US dollars, euros, Australian dollars, Swiss francs, New Zealand dollar, Danish kroner and Norwegian kroner. Moreover, in order to suit the preferences of its customers, Betvictor has also managed to get an account with Singapore Dollars and South African Rand.

One of the newest currency options that is now available at BetVictor is Bitcoin, an exclusively internet-based currency which has gained major traction with online players worldwide.

Payment via Bitcoin at BetVictor

Bitcoin is known for providing near anonymity when funding accounts at online casinos and sportsbooks, and allows a seamless withdrawal experience. BetVictor stands out from the crowd when it comes to speedy payouts – making them one of the most popular brands among players.

In most cases, payments are processed in less than a day. Those with special needs may need to plan ahead and be notified of any extended waiting periods. For many people, the most convenient payment method is an eWallet. The vast majority of transactions are processed and completed within 24 and 48 hours. Credit cards can take up to six days for processing, whereas debit cards take only a day or two.

Another advantage of betting at BetVictor is that deposits and withdrawals are always free, regardless of the payment option. Before signing up with BetVictor, be sure to fill out all necessary paperwork so your account reflects your preferred payment type ASAP. This process may also include all necessary identification and verification. This way when you’re ready to cash out, there won’t be any hassle.

BetVictor has a few interesting user-friendly features that makes it stand out from other bookmakers. A deposit limit function shapes the betting experience as does a “Reality Check” feature, which points out tricky propositions for players with low bankrolls. Both of these features are designed to help players maintain control over their betting which is an important step in avoiding gambling problems.

BetVictor’s Customer Service

A hallmark of any successful business is customer service. Customer service can be a make or break for an online sportsbook, given that it’s based largely on the people aspect of the industry. BetVictor has been providing betting options for people since the 1930’s, and they understand what makes customers happy.

Betvictor provides alot of options for their customers to access support with. One thing we found visually appealing about this company is the little button on each page, which points you in the right direction of a current issue.

It’s kind of like having someone hold your hand when you don’t know what to do or who to trust, so it’s always reassuring. The button features a little speech bubble with a question mark inside it, making everyone aware that they can get help from there. Clicking on the button expands into a set of distinctive icons.

The three additional buttons are Chat Now, ‘Learn More’, and email. Clicking on any of them will open a new window – either a chat window or a mini-FAQ window (Learn More) which will also link to their main FAQ page, and finally an email contact form.

Our team really appreciates this idea and we find it to be a perfect solution for always-available support without being distracting or getting in the way of actual betting. With just one simple mouse click, help is right there!

Live Chat is one of the fastest ways to get answers from your betting site and bookmaker. You can use this if you have a question that isn’t answered by the FAQ page or when you don’t have time to sift through FAQs.

Email Support at BetVictor

The quickest way to get help with BetVictor is to click the email support section of their website. This opens up an easy-to-fill contact form, and all you have to do is enter as much information as possible. The contact form makes it simple for new players or anybody who may be unfamiliar with booking inquiries, to get in touch.

To submit a message, all you need to do is provide your email address in the space provided at the top of the form, add your subject in next space, and input your basic message into largest provided space. The subject line should be about the issue you are experiencing, so that our email will go to the correct department. In addition, they have a “attach files” button and their response time was within an hour.

Live Chat at BetVictor

To get a full picture of this bookmaker, we contacted their Live Chat support. We found it to be very helpful and would recommend everyone contact them for all enquiries. The team was able to answer every question we threw at them, regardless of the topic. From betting complexities to casino gaming puzzles, they answered everything with aplomb.

Like with email, just clicking on the All-Encompassing Support Icon gets you started. After clicking on Chat Now button, you’re all set to go. The interface is just like a contact form. This helps with continuity and user experience, since users will likely be familiar with how to use this type of interface after logging into the site.

When using the Live Chat feature, be sure to share your username, email address and reason for contacting customer service. The team at BetVictor is able to allocate a customer’s query or issue to the appropriate individual, saving time and effort. We found having support available so quickly made live chat interactions convenient!

Phone Support

BetVictor is a reputable worldwide bookmaker with a lot of betting options, but it isn’t clear how to contact them via Phone. We dug around and found their contact information on the home page after scrolling all the way to the bottom.

This is not how it was all, curiously. There are no contact numbers anywhere on the site: neither the one from its homepage or under their support icon, nor those from their contact page. That is a bit unusual for an online sportsbook, to be sure. The only interactive feature on the site that we’ve found thus far is a call back button option which provides you with someone there to take your phone order.

If you want to speak to someone at BetVictor in person, click the button on this page. The process is essentially a request for their support team to call you via telephone at a specified time. Provide them with this information and they will call you when you are available. One thing we must point out is that they do phone you at that exact time, which for customers signifies a high level of service.

BetVictor Interface

For avid sports fans, BetVictor is their ultimate online sporting experience with a wide range of betting options and gambling opportunities. But there are more reasons to use BetVictor, such as its range of options and a shared goal for success.

You’ll find many other sportsbooks and casinos when you search online, but do not be fooled by the low quality of some. BetVictor offers reliable betting options in so many sports and games that it is rather baffling to understand why their competition can offer less than they do.

However, gamblers like to be in their comfort zone and quickly get the information they need. The BetVictor has an amazing user interface that makes it easy to find everything you might need.

BetVictor has clean, minimalistic user interface that is both easy to use and beautiful. Along with its wide range of sports betting options, sleek design makes it a favorite for smart shoppers who care about both betting convenience and aesthetics.

Hailing from the United Kingdom, BetVictor has long been considered one of the biggest bookmakers around. This site is highly functional and easy to use for all levels of players.

Available Limiting Options

If you are new to online betting, try BetVictor for a low-risk environment that is great for beginners. The experienced bettor will find plenty of functionalities. When you sign in to, sports and betting markets are listed on the left-hand side of the web page ensuring ease for players looking to place a wager as it is all laid out in neat columns that are easy to read and access.

One mistake sportsbooks make that is even more damaging to their odds of winning and generating income is when they inundate customers with data and statistics. This can be too confusing and intimidating for new bettors. BetVictor dedicates itself to producing high-quality listings for its users. Whether you want to bet on football, basketball, soccer, or any other sport, the site promises to give you every detail that is available.

BetVictor gives their customers access to a variety of features, such as vital stats and the ability to view their personal profile settings.

One of their thoughtful additions is the ability to set deposit limits, which helps prevent overspending. They also have Reality Check feature that prevents addiction or negative gambling experiences by scanning your betting history against various criteria until it’s risk-free.

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