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Denver Nuggets at Memphis Grizzlies

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The Nuggets played the Timberwolves on the hardwood and claimed a victory by a margin of 93-91 in their most recent game. Denver finished the game making 36 of 88 shots (40.9 percent), including 9 of 37 three-point attempts (23.5%). The Nuggets shot 75.0 percent from the charity stripe, making 12 of their 16 attempts. They collected 48 rebounds while netting 14 of them on offense. The Nuggets had another strong game against Minnesota. They handed out 24 dimes while forcing 6 turnovers and stealing 11 balls in a 93-91 win.

With regard to defending, the Nuggets permitted their opponent to shoot 38.9% from the floor on 35 of 90 shots. Minnesota netted 47 dimes and had 21 steals in this game. Furthermore, the Timberwolves collected 31 rebounds (16 offensive, 15 defensive) and had 11 blocks. In addition to their usual outlet, Minnesota got a lot of space by making 8 of 9 free throws. They made 13 of their 41 three-point attempts.

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NBA Betting Tips 01/11/21: Denver Nuggets Offensive Stats

Nikola Jokic was a player who contributed significantly in the contest. He scored 26 points on 10 of 23 shooting, according to NBA Stats. He played 37 minutes and grabbed 19 rebounds. Jokic shot 43.5 percent from the floor and amassed 7 assists. The Nuggets are 4-2 this season. They average 101.3 points a game (27th in the NBA) and shoot 47.9 percent from the field (27th). According to collected basketball stats, the Nuggets are shooting 31.3 percent from downtown (65 of 208) and 67.1 percent from the free-throw line this season.

With an impressive season thus far, the Denver Nuggets are averaging 44.7 rebounds a game and have collected 143 assists throughout the year, putting them 14th in the league in terms of passing the ball. They’re losing possession 18.8 times per game and incurring 20.8 fouls every game as a team. On the defensive end, the Nuggets are forcing 17.2 turnovers and receiving 19.2 fouls per game. On 3-point attempts, they give up 29.6 percent while first in points allowed per game (96.8). The Nuggets are allowing their opponents to make 42.7 percent of their shots (216 of 506) and collect 42.8 rebounds as a team on defense. Denver are ranked 13th in the NBA in allowing opponent assists, with 128 given up thus far this season.

NBA Betting Tips and Picks: Memphis Grizzlies

When they stepped on the court, the Grizzlies suffered a 129-103 defeat against the Heat. In their game, Memphis amassed 24 defensive rebounds and 8 offensive rebounds for a total of 32. The Grizzlies also gave up the ball 14 times and snagged 14 steals in this game. The Heat committed 18 technical fouls for this game, which resulted in 21 free throw attempts for the Grizzlies. They were able to bury 19 of those for a 90.5 percent success rate.

Memphis shot 16 of 50 3-pointers and had a 32% success rate. When the game was over, the Grizzlies shot 34 for 88 from the field, giving them a success rate of 38.6 percent. The Heat converted 46 of their 88 tries from the field, while the Grizzlies permitted them to do so. This resulted in a percentage of 52.3 percent for Miami. They connected on 21 of 37 tries (56.8 percent) and went 16 out of 19 from the charity stripe (84.2 percent). However, when it came to how they cleaned up the broken glass, they let Miami off easy by allowing them to collect 39 rebounds (11 on the offensive side).

Memphis Grizzlies Offensive Stats

The Grizzlies needed De’Anthony Melton’s presence against the Heat. He made 6 of 12 field goals in this matchup, for a 50 percent field goal rate. 3 rebounds were added to his total. Melton amassed 20 points in his 27 minutes on the court, and he dished out 5 assists for this contest. The Grizzlies are 3-3 on the season. Memphis have 673 points this season (112.2 per game) and 47.2 rebounds per game. The Grizzlies commit 18.3 personal fouls per game and make 82.6% of their free-throws. Memphis rank 19th in the NBA in shooting percentage (43.4 percent), which means they are scoring at a high level.

They assist teammates 26.2 times per game (4th in basketball) and lose the ball 15.7 times each game, which is an above-average number for an offense. On the defensive end, the Grizzlies are 29th in the NBA 117.0 points given up per game. They are forcing 15.0 turnovers on average and allow their opponents to shoot 48.1 percent from the floor (30th in the league). The Memphis defense allows opponents to shoot 42.3 percent from three-point range (93 of 220), and they’re converting 76.5 percent of their free throw attempts. On a per-game basis, the Memphis have given up 28.7 assists and 43.7 rebounds, putting them 30th and sixth in the league, respectively.

Who will win the Denver Nuggets at Memphis Grizzlies NBA game?

Oddsfanatic’s Pick: Take Denver (+2)

Sacramento Kings at Dallas Mavericks

Odds/Point Spread: Sacramento (+3.5)

The Sacramento Kings defeated the New Orleans Pelicans by a score of 113-109 in their most recent game. The Kings shot 50 percent (40 out of 80) from the field and 9 of their 27 three-point attempts in the end. Sacramento knocked down 24 of their 25 charity shots for a 96.0 percent success rate. They had 45 total rebounds, with three of them being offensive rebounds. The Kings also recorded 19 assists for this game as well as forcing the opponent into six turnovers and obtaining four steals.

Sacramento permitted its opponents to shoot 42.9 percent from the field on 42 out of 98 shots, according to NBA stats. The Pelicans had 18 steals and 49 dimes for the game. Furthermore, they collected 36 rebounds (13 offensive, 23 defensive) and 5 blocks. underdog from New Orleans ended up with a 64 percent shooting percentage from the charity stripe, making 16 of their 25 attempts. They converted 9 of their 34 three-point attempts.

NBA Betting Tips 01/11/21: Sacramento Kings Offensive Stats

In this game, there was one player who made a substantial influence: Richaun Holmes. The Center/Power Forward had 21 points on 7 of 8 shooting and 9 assists. He played 32 minutes and grabbed 6 rebounds as well. Holmes converted 87.5 percent of his field goals and dished out 1 assist in the victory over the Pelicans. The Sacramento Kings are 3-2 so far this season. The team is shooting 34 percent from beyond the three-point arc (64 of 188) and 78.6 percent from the line. They score 111 points per game (12th in basketball) while shooting 45.4 percent from the field.

They are committing 20.0 personal fouls every game, and they turn it over 14.0 times per contest. Sacramento is excelling in the glass, grabbing 45.4 rebounds per game and recording 117 assists on the season, putting them 19th in the NBA. The Kings are forcing their opponents to create 12.0 turnovers per game and draw 18.0 fouls defensively. They’re allowing 32.9 percent from beyond the arc, which puts them 21st in the NBA (113.2). The Kings give up an FG percentage of 44.4% (209 of 471) and 49.6 rebounds per game as a basketball team. For the year, they rank 10th in surrendering assists with 108 given up.

NBA Betting Tips and Picks: Dallas Mavericks

The Mavericks lost to the Nuggets by a score of 106-75 when they last stepped onto the court. Dallas grabbed 30 defensive rebounds and 6 offensive rebounds, giving them a total of 36 for the game. They had 15 turnovers while stealing 8 balls throughout the game. The Nuggets had 19 personal fouls in this game, which resulted in the Mavericks making 27 trips to the line. They were successful on 21 of their free throw attempts for a 77.8% success rate.

Dallas scored 8 of its 37 attempts from beyond the arc (21.6 percent). The Mavericks finished 23 out of 78 on the floor for a percentage of 29.5 when the game was over. Dallas gave up 43 of 83 shots from the field, allowing the Nuggets to convert 51.8 percent of their attempts in the game. They ran out to a 30.6% clip from distance, making 11 of 36 shots (30.6%) and 9 of 13 free throws (69.2%). In terms of how they responded, the Mavericks allowed Denver to score 46 in total (5 on the offensive end).

Dallas Mavericks Offensive Stats

Luka Doncic had a significant role in the Mavericks’ win. He made 5 of 18 shots for 27.8 percent and 6 rebounds in this game. So far, so good. Doncic had 16 points and four assists in his 26 minutes on the floor. The Mavs are 3-2 in the current NBA season. The Mavericks foul 20.2 times per game and make 70.8% of their free throws this basketball campaign. They’re assisting their peers 19.4 times each game (30th in basketball) and turning the ball over 13.4 times a match. Dallas has compiled 485 points this season (97.0 per game), while earning 46.2 rebounds per match on average.

On the offensive end of the court, Dallas are shooting 39.6 percent from the field, putting it 30th in the NBA. On defense, the Mavericks allow their opponents to score 103.8 points per game, which ranks them 8th in the league. They’ve given up 24.2 dimes and 50.4 boards per game, putting them 20th and 27th in the NBA. On 3-point shots, the Mavericks give up 36.7 percent (65 of 177) and opponents hit 69.8 percent of their attempts from the free throw line. They are forcing their opponents into 15.4 turnovers on average per game and have given up teams to shoot 45.2 percent from the field (18th overall).

Who will win the Sacramento Kings at Dallas Mavericks NBA game?

Oddsfanatic’s Parlay Pick: Take Sacramento (+3.5) and under 222 points

Houston Rockets at Los Angeles Lakers

Odds/Point Spread: Houston (+10.5)

The Houston Rockets went on the court against the Los Angeles Lakers and lost by a score of 95-85 in their most recent game. The Rockets finished the game with a 42.1 percent field goal percentage (32 out of 76) and 6 of 28 3-point attempts. Houston shot 15 of 29 free throws for a 51.7% success rate at the free throw line. In terms of pulling in rebounds, they grabbed 55 with 10 of them being offensive.

They also had 18 assists for the game, as well as 9 turnovers and 8 steals against the other team. In terms of defending, the Houston allowed 40.6 percent from the field on 39 of 96 attempts. Los Angeles dished out 43 assists and grabbed 22 steals in the contest. Furthermore, Los Angeles grabbed 33 rebounds (10 offensive, 23 defensive) and recorded 3 blocks. The Lakers shot just 61.5 percent from the charity stripe and converted 8 of 13 attempts. They also made 9 of 31 three-point attempts.

NBA Betting Tips 02/11/21: Houston Rockets Offensive Stats

Eric Gordon performed well in this encounter. He went 4 of 10 from the field for 17 points. He played 30 minutes on the hardwood and gathered two boards. Gordon ended the game with a 40% shooting percentage and two assists. Houston enters this game with a record of 1-5. On average, they score 101.5 points per game (26th in basketball) and shoot 42.5 percent from the field. The Rockets are connecting on 34.1 percent of their 3-point attempts (73 of 214), which is a solid percentage. As a team, Houston is averaging 46.7 rebounds and 127 assists on the season, placing them 23rd in terms of passing the ball among all teams in the NBA

They give the ball away 19.3 times each game and as a unit, and they commit 21 fouls per match. The Rockets have forced 16.3 turnovers per game and received 21.7 personal fouls defensively, ranking them quite high in the basketball league. They give up a good percentage of their three pointers (33.1 percent), and they rank 17th in the NBA in points given up per game (109.2). The Rockets’ defense is yielding 44.1 percent shooting (237 of 538) and 46.5 rebounds per game, according to NBA stats. They give up a lot of assists, currently ranking 16th in the nation with 141 allowed this season.

NBA Betting Tips and Picks: Los Angeles Lakers

The last time the Lakers won a game on hardwood was when they beat the Rockets by a final of 95-85. Los Angeles grabbed 33 defensive rebounds and 10 offensive rebounds, totaling 43 for the match. For this game, the Lakers had 12 turnovers and 15 steals. The Rockets committed 25 fouls for the game, which resulted in 13 free throw attempts for the Lakers. They were successful in knocking down eight of the free throws (61.5 percent).

Los Angeles hit 9 of its 31 3-point attempts (29.0 percent). When the score was final, the Lakers shot 39 for 96 from the floor, giving them a shooting percentage of 40.6 percent. The Rockets converted 32 of 76 field-goal attempts, for a rate of 42.1 percent in the game. They went 21.4 percent from downtown by shooting 6 out of 28 and ended up shooting 15 of 29 (51.7%). In terms of how they cleaned up the glass, Los Angeles allowed Houston to gather 45 rebounds (10 on the offensive side).

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L.A. Lakers Offensive Stats

The Los Angeles Lakers were able to gain a win over the Rockets thanks in large part to Carmelo Anthony. He knocked down 8 of 14 shots in this game, good for a field goal percentage of 57.1 percent. Though he scored 23 points in his 25 minutes of action, Anthony was unable to create an assist. The Los Angeles Lakers have a 4-3 record this year. This season, the Los Angeles Lakers have scored 788 points (112.6 per game) and grabbed 44.0 rebounds per game. The Los Angeles Lakers have committed 21.1 personal fouls per game and made 71.3 percent of their charity-stripe attempts.

The offense is connecting on 47.5 percent from the field, ranking them third in the NBA. The Lakers are surrendering 112.0 points per game, which is 25th in the league. They are assisting 24.3 times per contest (10th in the League) and turning it over 16.7 times each match up. Los Angeles force 17.1 TO’s per game and allow teams to shoot 45.3 percent from the floor (20th in the NBA). The Lakers’ defense allows opponents to shoot 70.2 percent of their shots from the free throw line, while its own players are hitting just 34.4 percent of their three-point attempts (83 of 241). They give up 26.6 assists and 48.3 rebounds per game, which ranked them 27th and 23rd in the National Basketball League.

Who will win the Houston Rockets at Los Angeles Lakers NBA game? Check out our NBA betting tips!

Oddsfanatic’s Pick: Take Houston (+10.5)

New Orleans Pelicans at Phoenix Suns

Odds/Point Spread: Phoenix (-12)

In their most recent game, the Pelicans lost by a score of 123-117 against the Knicks. New Orleans finished with a 45.7 percent shooting percentage (42 out of 92), making 11 out of 33 3-point shots. The Pelicans knocked down 22 of 24 free throws for a 91.7 percent shooting rate, and they grabbed 43 rebounds with 12 of them being offensive.

They recorded 30 assists and four turnovers in the game. On 7 steals, they added seven more to their total. New Orleans let the other team shoot at a clip of 51.9 percent from the field on 42 out of 81 attempts. The Knicks had 37 dimes and 22 steals in the contest. New York also grabbed 32 rebounds (5 offensive, 27 defensive) and recorded three blocks. The Knicks ended the contest at 80 percent from the charity stripe, converting 20 of 25 free throws. They shot 19 of 33 three-point shots.

NBA Betting Tips 02/11/21: New Orleans Pelicans Offensive Stats

One player who contributed to the game was Jonas Valanciunas. He scored 27 points on 10 of 15 shooting and had a total of 14 rebounds in 33 minutes played. Valanciunas shot 66.7 percent from the field and dished out four assists. The Pelicans have a 1-6 record so far this season. New Orleans are shooting 33.6% (78 of 232) from beyond the arc, while they’re making 79.1% of their free throws. They rank 21st in scoring at 104.3 points per game on 43.0 percent shooting (21st in the league). The team turn it over 16.1 times a game and as a team, they commit 20.4 fouls every contest.

New Orleans is collecting 49.0 rebounds per game as a unit and has 160 turnovers on the season, which is 7th in basketball in terms of passing efficiency. The Pelicans are forcing 13.6 turnovers per game on defense and they also draw 17.7 fouls. The Pelicans give up a 45.9 percent (283 of 617) shooting percentage and 45.4 rebounds per game as a team on NBA season. New Orleans rank 22nd in the league in assists allowed, with 160 given up on the season. They allow 39.0 percent from three-point range and are ranked 21st in points per game against them (111.0).

NBA Betting Tips and Picks: Phoenix Suns

The Suns secured a 101-92 win in their final game, when they faced the Cavaliers. Phoenix grabbed 44 defensive rebounds and 8 offensive rebounds for a total of 52 rebounds in the game. The Cavaliers also committed 13 turnovers in this game, while getting 12 steals. The Suns went to the line 27 times for a total of 27 attempts as a result of the Cavaliers’ 19 fouls. The unit hit 17 of their attempted field goals (63.0 percent).

Phoenix made 6 of 26 three-point attempts (23.1 percent). The Suns shot 39 out of 84 from the floor, for a rate of 46.4%. The Cavaliers shot 36 of their 91 attempts, or 39.6 percent, in the game against the Suns. They connected on 14 of 44 three-point attempts (31.8%), including six of seven at the charity stripe (85.7%). When it comes to rebounding, the Suns allowed the Cavaliers to gain 37 overall (10 on the offensive glass).

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Phoenix Suns Offensive Stats

Devin Booker had a substantial influence on the game for the Phoenix Suns in this one. He connected on 9 of 20 shots for a success rate of 45%. He also collected 4 rebounds. Booker scored 27 points, including 9 dimes, in his 35 minutes of action against the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Suns have an overall record of 2-3 thus far in the season. Phoenix has scored 526 points this season (105.2 per game), and they grab 47.6 rebounds per game. The Phoenix Suns have 17.8 personal fouls per game and a free throw percentage of 69.4 percent. The Suns are making 46.0 percent of their field goals, which puts them eighth in the NBA.

Phoenix are averaging 26.2 assists per game (4th in the NBA), but they give out 14.0 turnovers per game. The Suns have given up 110.2 points per game this season, ranking them defensively 20th in the NBA. The Phoenix defense allows 40.0 percent of shots from behind the arc (82 of 205), while their opponents hit 71.4 percent of their free throws. They’ve surrendered 24.6 assists and 45.4 rebounds per game, which ranks 22nd and 12th in the league, respectively. They are able to produce 15.0 turnovers per game on average. The team have allowed teams to shoot 46.1 percent from the field (23rd in basketball).

Who will win the New Orleans Pelicans at Phoenix Suns NBA game?

Oddsfanatic’s NBA Pick: Take Phoenix (-12)

Milwaukee Bucks at Detroit Pistons

Odds/Point Spread: Milwaukee (-5)

The Milwaukee Bucks lost their last game, 107-95, against the Utah Jazz. The team shot 40.6 percent from the field (39 of 96), making 12 of its 41 three pointers. The Bucks converted 5 of 6 free throws for an 83.3 percent success rate from the foul line. They hauled in 44 rebounds, with 13 of them being offensive. In addition to forcing 10 turnovers and stealing 7 balls, Minnesota assisted on 16 occasions during the game.

Milwaukee allowed their opponent to shoot 46.7 percent from the field while making 35 of 75 attempts. Utah collected 44 assists and 13 steals in this game. The Jazz also had 37 rebounds (7 offensive, 30 defensive) and 3 blocks in this contest. By going 25 of 27 from the line, Utah shot 92.6 percent and pulled away in this one. They connected on 12 of their 37 long-range attempts.

NBA Betting Tips 02/11/21: Milwaukee Bucks Offensive Stats

This game’s most notable player was Giannis Antetokounmpo, who had a hand in it. He scored 25 points on 10 of 20 shooting. He was on the court for 35 minutes and grabbed 7 rebounds. Giannis Antetokounmpo dished out six assists while shooting 50.0 percent from the field. The Milwaukee Bucks have a 3-4 record on the season. They commit 14.3 turnovers per game and as a unit collect 19.6 fouls per game. Milwaukee is averaging 45.3 rebounds per game this season. As a team, Milwaukee is averaging 147 assists on the year, placing them 13th among all teams in terms of passing the ball.

The Bucks are shooting 31.9 percent from downtown (91 of 285) and 76.2 percent from the line. They score 108.3 points per game (15th in the NBA) but shoot 43.8% from the floor. The Bucks are forcing their opponents into 13.7 turnovers per game on defense and drawing 18.3 fouls when they are on the defensive end. They rank 25th in the NBA in passing assists with 169 given up thus far this season. The Bucks struggle to defend against the three-point shot, allowing a 46.5% (293 of 630) shooting percentage and 47 rebounds per game as a team. Milwaukee allow 34.5 percent from beyond the arc, which is 24th in NBA basketball in points allowed per game.

NBA Betting Tips and Picks: Detroit Pistons

The Pistons were beaten by a final of 117-91 when they battled the Nets in their last game. In the contest, the Detroit Pistons collected 22 defensive rebounds and 7 offensive rebounds for a total of 29. The Pistons had 15 coughing fits, while collecting 12 steals in this game. The Nets committed 19 personal fouls, which led to the Pistons taking the floor for 22 attempts. They were able to make 15 of the free throws, good for a 68.2 percent success rate.

With regard to 3-pointers, the Pistons hit 12 of their 33 attempts (36.4%). Overall, the Pistons shot 32 for 79 from the field, giving them a 40.5% success rate. The Nets made 47 out of 72 shots from the floor, giving them a 65.3 percent success rate for the game. They shot 13 out of 25 shots from three-point range, with 10 of 16 free throws (62.5%). Detroit allowed Brooklyn to collect 39 rebounds in all (2 offensive), according to NBA stats.

Detroit Pistons Offensive Stats

For the game, Cory Joseph was vital for the Pistons. He knocked down four of six attempts for a field goal percentage of 66.7 percent, but he didn’t grab a board. In the previous match, Joseph scored 13 points in 21 minutes on the hardwood and had 2 rebounds. The Pistons are 1-5 this season. This year, the Pistons have 577 points (96.2 per game) and 41.7 rebounds per game. The Pistons foul 17.7 times per game, and they make 73.6 percent of their free throws. Detroit are 29th in the NBA in field goal percentage, connecting on 40.7% of their shots each night.

The Pistons have a 21.0 assist rate (25th in the NBA). They turn it over 16.5 times each night. The Pistons’ 107.2 points allowed ranks them 15th in the NBA, according to ESPN Stats. They’ve given up 23.2 assists and 45.3 rebounds per game, ranking them 17th and 11th in the basketball league. The Detroit defense allows opponents to shoot 43 percent from 3-point range (71 of 165), while their free throw percentage is 81.8 percent (25 of 32). The team have held their opponents to an average of 17.5 TO’s per game and have allowed teams to shoot 48.7 percent.

Who will win the Milwaukee Bucks at Detroit Pistons NBA game?

Oddsfanatic’s Pick: Take Milwaukee (-5)