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NFL betting odds are the lines, spreads and totals that bookmakers establish for NFL games to compare with bets made by gamblers. Odds are determined by oddsmakers using a number of factors related to a particular team or match up in order to estimate the probability of an event occurring. Many different types of wagers can be placed on an NFL game including straight wagers, parlays and teasers. 

Football betting is one of the most popular forms of sports wagering available today. Football season lasts from August through February (depending on how long playoffs go) since there are no other major professional sports leagues that compete directly with it. This makes football betting more popular due to its longer playing season and peak action during playoff and Super Bowl.

Betting Odds on the NFL

Welcome to the best online resource for NFL betting odds and markets. You can use this page to compare the NFL lines offered by all the leading sportsbook, including a line history tool that lets you gauge how popular each team is among bettors. To arm yourself with a wealth of useful information before placing a wager, check out our NFL Picks section. Below you will find details about the best NFL sportsbook and then an explanation of the most common football betting options at your disposal.

If you are also interested in betting on other major sports, visit our NHL Odds site and our NBA Odds site now. For all other betting odds, please check out our Betting Odds page.

The Best NFL Sportsbook Can Make Football Your Game to Enjoy Every Week

Hundreds of different sportsbook offer NFL betting odds with creative marketing and enticing bonuses – but not all are created equal! Some bookies will require player meet drastic requirements before they’ll pay up on your bets – while others may trick players into thinking they’ve won or pulled an elaborate scam by holding back the payout when they should return it.

Knowing the difference between reputable and untrustworthy sports betting sites is important to us as it can make all the difference for your favorites team’s success, so we have created a list that will highlight sites with high rankings. These sites offer great odds on today’s NFL games as well as the NFL futures, while also providing quick payouts and a phenomenal customer service experience.

Best NFL Betting Odds

NFL Betting: Future Bets

This is a long-term wager on an event such as the winner of the Super Bowl, the AFC or a particular division. The odds makers will assess each team’s strengths and weaknesses to assign prices to them. For example, Kansas City Chiefs might be +600 favorites for the Super Bowl while Washington Football Team would be +10000 outsiders suggesting that Kansas City has many strong players and will likely go deep into postseason play, whereas Washington won’t do as well in their quest because they haven’t got many strong players on their roster.

A plus sign in the odds of a team means that you can make a profit from your bet if win, not just break even. If you were to bet $100 on Kansas City at these odds and they won, you would earn $600 instead of just $100. For Cincinnati, if you were to bet the same amount on them to win and they did so successfully, then your profits would be an incredible $120,000. You can also place bets for a different amount than what is shown in the screenshot below. You do not have to wager exactly $100 or ‘size’ it up at 50% for example.

As the NFL season progresses, oddsmakers change their Super Bowl betting odds due to the performances of each team. If a team starts performing poorly in games, then oddsmakers will adjust the team’s chances for winning it all since fans are less likely to place a bet on an underdog. The opposite holds true as well – teams that win more frequently will have better odds because people are more reluctant to put money on them but they’re still favorites compared to other challengers.

NFL Betting: Moneylines

If you are an advocate of the game, it’s key that you learn NFL betting terms. The moneyline for a single match would involve analysis from both teams to determine which is likely to win and set relevant odds. For example, if your team is at -278 in the betting lines against Atlanta (the underdog), they must have good chances of winning as this means Atlanta is priced up at +220.

If a minus sign is displayed, it indicates the amount of money you must bet in order to earn $100. A $278 bet at -278 would earn you a $100 profit if successful. In this example, if you were to wager on New Orleans with a $20 bet, your payout will be approximately $7.19 should it win; with an Atlanta wager for the same amount, your payoff would be about $44 instead. This likely tells us that Saints are heavy favorites. For more information on odds or how to make a bet, it’s best to go straight to the source.

The odds on NFL games change in the build-up to a game, with different combinations of teams being favoured each time. For example, if plenty of people bet on Atlanta and that pushes the odds down for them winning a game, bookmakers will sometimes give other teams better chance in order not to put all their eggs into one basket – also known as “spread risk”. Sharp betting customers often quickly spot these changes so they can take advantage by placing further bets accordingly. The odds are also adjusted due to injuries or other incidents which might happen during midweek training.

Regardless of how remote it may seem from your vantage point right now, sports betting is big business in countries across the globe – reportedly generating close to $67 billion dollars per year around the globe.

NFL Betting: Point Spreads

The most popular way to bet on football, the NFL odds compilers will give a team with an advantage in order for them to even out. In this example, New Orleans Saints would be -6.5 points favorite against Atlanta Falcons, which means you could bet on either outcome of New Orleans (-6.5) or Atlanta (+6.5). The moneyline then goes from -110 by default to either as generous as -105 if you use a sportsbook that offers reduced juice on NFL bets.

If you bet on the Saints to win by more than 7 points, your wager will be successful. If not, you would lose the lot of your investment. You could also place a moneyline investement on the game and it might have a better return on your monetary input; however you will never know if it is a success until after the game’s conclusion.

With all the Las Vegas sports betting options available, you will find plenty of NFL wagering markets for both pre-season and in-season events. Though some sportsbook wait for Las Vegas lines to be unveiled before setting their own, many set a line themselves without hesitation because they know people are eager to bet on the Super Bowl and Week 1 games. 

When looking for alternative NFL betting markets, especially if there are multiple games happening on the same day, you might find some slightly different point spreads at non-traditional sportsbook. For example, let’s say the Las Vegas Raiders are set to play against Tampa Bay and Las Veags is listed as a -1.5 favorite with odds of -110 on LVs-1.5 and +110 on TB+1.5. 

If you think the Raiders will win by a large margin then you could bet on Las Vegas -2.5 or more points (Las Vegas -3.5). Conversely, if you have any concern that the Bucs might get close to winning but are not willing to risk a 1.5-point spread, then one alternative would be Tampa Bay +2.5 instead of Tampa Bay +1.5. Some sportsbook also allow half point and full number spreads which give an individual similar odds with lower payouts for those who believe in their team’s chances of winning outright only slightly less than a 2-point spread.

NFL Betting: Totals

These are the most popular NFL betting lines. Many bettors like these lines on an NFL today game because they do not need to predict which team will win or cover the point spread. They simply have to determine whether it will be a high-scoring game or a low-scoring encounter.

You might see point totals with the spread, so a bet on “over 48.5” is called an NFL over/under bet and it is sometimes otherwise referred to as an NFL over/under wager. The distinction between over or under depends on whether you are betting that the total score will be more than or less than 49 points respectively when using -110 odds (a price of 10-11).

The total of a scored game is the sum of the home team and away team scores. As betting options rise in popularity, so do the bonus point values for each choice. For example, if many people bet on taking over at 50 points (e.g. scoring more than 50 points) then this number would increase to 52 or 54 – especially during Super Bowl due to its volatility. You can also review live NFL odds as they develop by following real-time posts by sportsbook which allow you to wager in-play after the results are revealed Monitors will update when a score changes making it all too easy to keep up with these markets live!

NFL Betting: Prop Bets

There are many types of betting options, but the NFL has a number that focus on events during games. These bets typically have higher odds than placing wagers on who will win or lose the game. One such example is in prop buckets. It’s worth noting that these may not be available for all games, but they might show up during the Super Bowl as an option to gamble on attributes like how many times US president will tweet during the game, who throws more touchdowns in one quarter or what color Gatorade will be dumped over a coach following victory.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Does NFL Point Spread Work?

In the NFL betting markets, odds compilers give a team with an inherent advantage. For example, if one of the teams is stronger than the other, oddsmakers will handicap that team in favor of the weaker opponent to level out gameplay. This discrepancy in playing abilities may be compensated for either by assigning a point spread (e.g., +1) or points lead (+29 1/2), depending on how vastly different they are from each other.

What Are the Odds for NFL Football in Vegas?

The Las Vegas NFL betting market is run by the big sportsbook in Nevada. They were often on TV when analysts previewed games, as Nevada was the only US state with legal sports wagering. However, many more states now allow bets after striking down a federal ban in 2018, and so Vegas NFL odds have lost some traction. Meanwhile, many sites wait for those lines to be published before they publish their own betting line; these are respected line makers who operate out of Las Vegas and have decades of experience.

Where Can I Bet on NFL Games?

Every sportsbook offers betting on NFL games, but be sure to use our database of safe and reliable casinos from the reputable bookmakers found in our reviews section.

What Do Odds of +600 Mean?

It tells you the odds of your prediction being successful. If you bet $100 and it’s correct, your stake will be returned to you so your actual return is $700. The fractional odds are often written as 6/1, but they’re really 7.00 in decimal odds.

How Do NFL Lines Work?

The point spread is a line set by the sportsbook that allows you to bet on whether one team will win or if they’ll cover the spread.

How Do the NFL Betting Odds Work?

American odds are offered in two different forms: + and -. If the number is positive, it means you win that amount of money back with a $100 bet. If negative, it indicates how much you need to wager to get your initial stake back as well as winning an additional $100.

What Are the Odds for This Week’s NFL Games?

You will find the latest NFL betting lines for all games on this page, from upcoming matchups to playoff possibilities and Super Bowl betting options.