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Cleveland Browns at Kansas City Chiefs

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Odds/Point Spread: Chiefs (-5.5)

Total/Over-Under: 53.5

The Browns ended the year with a 11-5 record. The Cleveland team lost its last match, which was played against the Kansas City Chiefs, by a final score of 22-17. The leader on the ground for the Browns was Nick Chubb, who had 13 carries for 69 yards. Jarvis Landry amassed 20 yards on 7 catches, maintaining an average of 2.9 yards per catch. Baker Mayfield connected on 23 of 37 passes for 204 yards and one touchdown.

He had a QB rating of 74.6 at the end of the game, and he ended it with 1 interception. When it came to going toe-to-toe on the line of scrimmage, Cleveland gave up 123 rushing yards on 24 attempts which averages out to 5.1 yds per run. The Browns gave up 27 completions on 38 pass attempts for 315 yards, with a completion percentage of 71.1 percent. Overall, they ran 60 plays for 308 yards to account for the loss. The Cleveland Browns ran the ball 22 times for 112 yards, giving them an average of 5.1 yards per attempt.

Cleveland Browns Offensive Stats

The Browns had 5,913 total yards in the previous year. They committed 16 turnovers (8 interceptions and 8 fumbles lost). During the regular season, Cleveland had 27 passing touchdowns and 21 rushing scores. Cleveland racked up 195 first downs and committed 100 penalties for 870 yards during the campaign.

They finished with an average of 148.4 yards on the ground as a team, earning them third place in the NFL. The Cleveland Browns average 25.5 points per game when discussing scoring.

The Browns gave up 26.2 points per game, which was 21st in the NFL. Last season, they allowed teams to rush for 4.3 yards per attempt and 110.8 rushing yards on average. Through 16 games, they gave up 1,773 rushing yards during the campaign. The Browns gave up 3,962 passing yards which put them in 22nd place in the league.

The team yielded 247.6 yards through the pass in their 16 games last season, and a 63.4 percent completion rate. They gave up 31 passing TDs and 16 rushing scores while surrendering 358.4 yards per game, putting them 17th in the NFL.

NFL Odds Week 1: Kansas City Stats

The Chiefs ended the season with a 14-2-0 record. The Chiefs lost their last game, 31-9, against the Buccaneers in Super Bowl LV. Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes continued his strong play by passing for 270 yards with 26 completions on 49 attempts and a 52.3 percent completion rate.

He had two interceptions and a 33-yard pass as his longest completion. Kansas City’s Travis Kelce was the team’s top receiver, catching 10 passes for 133 yards. Clyde Edwards-Helaire rushed for 64 yards on nine carries, culminating the game with 7.1 yards per carry for Kansas City. The game was a defensive struggle in terms of the final score, but there were plenty of offensive fireworks.

The Chiefs offense had 350 yards and 69 plays (5.1 yards per play). Kansas City ran for 6.3 yards per carry, totaling 107 yards on 17 attempts. Kansas City gave up 33 rushing attempts for 145 yards (4.4 yds per carry). The Chiefs’ defense allowed a completion percentage of 72.4 percent, conceding 195 yards on 21 for 29 passing.

Chiefs Offensive Stats

The Kansas City Chiefs had a league-leading average of 415.8 yards per game, which put them first in the NFL. They threw 7 interceptions while losing 9 fumbles, with 255 first downs recorded. They put up a combined 112.4 yards per game on the ground and 1,799 for the season.

The Kansas City offense was penalized 919 yards in 105 infractions, putting them fourth in the league when it came to assisting their opponent. Previous season, the Kansas City Chiefs threw for 4,854 yards as well as averaging 303.4 per game, finishing first in the NFL. The Chiefs were ranked sixth in the league with 29.6 points per game, according to their offensive scoring dominance.

NFL Odds Week 1: Kansas City Defensive Stats

The Chiefs allowed 22.6 points per game, putting them 11th in the NFL. They gave up 362 points throughout the year. In order to potentially win the Super Bowl this year the defense needs to improve. Over the course of last season, Kansas City gave up 1,954 rushing yards (122.1 per game) as well as 14 rushing scores.

They allowed 29 touchdown passes as well as 236.2 yards per game, putting them 14th in the NFL. The Chiefs’ defense was on the field for 1,022 plays, which was 14th in the NFL. In the prior season, their defense gained 22 takeaways (6 fumbles recovered and 16 interceptions).

Who will win the Cleveland Browns/Kansas City Chiefs NFL game against the spread?

OddsFanatic’s Pick: Take the Kansas City -5.5

NFL Odds Week 1 predictions

Denver Broncos at New York Giants

Odds/Point Spread: Giants (+1.5)

Total/Over-Under: 42.5

The Denver Broncos finished the season with a 5-11 record. The Broncos lost 32-31 in their last game, against the Las Vegas Raiders. The Broncos’ Melvin Gordon was the most active player on the ground, with 26 rushes for 93 yards. Jerry Jeudy had an average of 28.0 yds per catch, totalling 140 yards on 5 receptions. Drew Lock threw for 339 yards and two touchdowns against the Raiders. He produced a QB rating of 103.6 and didn’t throw any interceptions throughout the game.

On 23 rushes, the Broncos gave up 106 yards, which equals to 4.6 yards per rush allowed. The Broncos gave up 24 completions on 38 tries for 369 yards, and a completion percentage of 63.2 percent. They ran 75 plays in their game, for 446 total yards. The Denver Broncos ran the ball 32 times for a total of 122 yards, with an average of 3.8 yards per carry.

Denver Broncos Offensive Stats

The Broncos had 5,369 total yards last season. They gave up the ball 32 times (23 interceptions and 9 fumbles). In terms of passing, the Broncos had 21 touchdowns and 13 touchdowns on the ground.

The team gained 176 first downs as a unit, and they committed 81 infractions for 670 yards. As a unit, they gained an average of 119.9 yards on the ground, which was 13th in the NFL. When it comes to adding points on the board, the Denver Broncos averaged 20.2 per game in NFL 2020 season.

The Broncos were ranked 25th out of the 32 teams in terms of team defense, giving up 27.9 points per game last season. For the previous year, they had allowed teams to run for 4.8 yards per attempt and 130.0 yards on the ground on average.Overall, in 16 games, they gave up 2,080 yards on the ground.

In terms of passing yardage, the Broncos allowed 3,807 yards this season which put them 17th in the NFL. They gave up an average of 237.9 yards through the air and 66.0 percent of completions during their 16 games last season. In addition to 22 rushing touchdowns, they gave up 21 passing TDs. They ranked 21st in the league with 367.9 yards allowed per game.

NFL Odds Week 1: New York Giants Stats

The Giants ended their season with a 6-10-0 record. The last time they walked out onto the field was in Week 16, when they beat the Cowboys by a score of 23-19. The New York Giants’ Wayne Gallman rushed for 65 yards on 11 carries and finished the game with 5.9 yards per attempt, and New York’s Sterling Shepard caught 8 footballs for 112 yards (14.0 yards per catch). Daniel Jones (2 TDs) put up 229 yards of passing on 17/25 completions, with a 106.9 QB rating.

He threw one interception and had the longest completion of 33 yards. The Giants surrendered 27 rushing attempts for 108 yards (4.0 yds per carry) in their victory on Cowboys. The passing defense allowed a completion rate of 61.7 percent, allowing 199 yards on 29 of 47 passes. The Giants gained a total of 336 yards on 55 plays (6.1 yards per play), with 45 of those yards coming via the pass (4.3 yds per attempt). The team rushed for 4.5 yards per carry and finished with 125 rushing yards on 28 runs.

Giants Offensive Stats

The New York Giants allowed an average of 299.6 yards during the season, which put them in 31st place among all teams in the league. They gave away 11 interceptions and 11 fumbles. The Giants obtained 178 first downs this season. They gained an average of 110.5 yards on the ground last NFL season, and they carried the ball 1,768 times the previous year.

The New York offense committed 634 penalties on 81 infractions, putting them 28th in terms of assisting their opponents. The New York Giants threw for 3,026 yards last season, as well as an average of 189.1 passing yards per game, placing them 29th in the NFL. The Giants were ranked 31st in the NFL when it comes to scoring points, putting up 17.5 per game.

NFL Odds Week 1: New York Giants Defensive Stats

The Giants gave up 22.3 points per game last season, putting them ninth in the NFL. In total, they allowed 357 points last year. The New York Giants allowed 1,782 yards rushing (111.4 per game) and 14 touchdowns on the ground last season.

They gave up 22 passing TDs and 237.9 yards/play, putting them in 16th place in the league. The Giants’ defense was on the field for 1,046 plays, putting them 23rd in the NFL. For the year before, they had recorded 22 turnovers (11 fumbles and 11 interceptions).

Who will win the Denver Broncos/New York Giants NFL game against the spread?

OddsFanatic’s Pick: Take the Denver -1.5

Jacksonville Jaguars at Houston Texans

Odds/Point Spread: Texans (+2.5)

Total/Over-Under: 45.5

The Jacksonville Jaguars concluded the season with a 1-15 record. The Jaguars took to the field against the Colts in their final game and lost by a score of 28-14. Jaguars quarterback Mike Glennon connected on 26 of 42 passes for 261 yards and two touchdowns. He had a QB rating of 95.4 and did not throw an interception in the game. Chris Conley hauled in 7 receptions for 87 yards to average 12.4 yards per catch.

The Jacksonville Jaguars’ Dare Ogunbowale was the team’s rushing leader, with 14 rushes for 50 yards (3.6 y/a). They ran 65 plays, resulting in 283 yards. The Jacksonville Jaguars ran the ball 17 times and gained 53 yards per game, which is 3.1 yds per attempt on average. The Jaguars surrendered 273 yards on 37 rushes against the run, which equals 7.4 yards each time. Jacksonville gave up 17 pass completions on 27 attempts for 164 yards and a completion percentage of 63 percent.

Jacksonville Jaguars Offensive Stats

The Jaguars amassed 5,218 yards last year. The team tossed the ball to the opposition 25 times (16 interceptions and 9 fumbles lost). Passes scored 25 touchdowns for Jacksonville, while rushing TDs came 9 times.

The Jacksonville Jaguars had 205 first downs on offense and 107 penalties for 1071 yards. On the ground, they generated an average of 94.9 yards per game, which ranked them 29th in the NFL. The Jacksonville Jaguars achieved an average of 19.1 PPG in terms of scoring points.

The Jaguars were ranked 31st in the NFL in terms of opposing scoring, conceding 30.8 points per game. The previous year, the opposition averaged 4.7 yards per rush on the ground and 153.3 rushing yards per game. Overall, they gave up 2,452 rushing yards in 16 games.

In terms of passing yardage, the Jaguars allowed 4,231 yards which put them in 27th place. During the last NFL season in 2020, they gave up 264.4 passing yards every game and a completion percentage of 69.4 percent. The Jaguars allowed 34 touchdown passes and 23 rushing touchdowns. They gave 417.7 yards per game, placing them 31st in the league.

NFL Odds Week 1: Houston Texans Stats

The Texans finished the season with a 4-12 record. For their final game, the Texans lost by a score of 41-38 against the Titans. Deshaun Watson (3 TDs) had 365 yards through the air on 28/39 with a quarterback rating of 115.9. His longest pass completion went for 42 yards, and he threw 1 interception. David Johnson rushed the ball 14 times for 84 yards and had 6.0 yds per carry for Texans.

As one of the featured targets for the Texans Brandin Cooks caught 11 balls for 166 yards (15.1 yards per reception). Houston finished with just 96 yards on 17 runs, resulting in a yd per carry of 5.6. The Texans compiled 457 yards through the air during the game, with 61 plays run (7.5 yds each play). On 18 of 27 passing, the Texans pass defense gave up 204 yards and a 66.7 percent completion rate. Houston allowed 41 rushing attempts for 288 yards (7.0 yards per carry).

Texans Offensive Stats

Points on the board are crucial, and the Texans were ranked 18th among all teams in football with 24.0 points per game. The Texans finished last season ranked fourth in the NFL with 4,538 passing yards and 283.6 passing yards per game. They held an average of 91.6 rushing yards each week and rushed for 1,466 for the season.

The Houston Texans had 375.3 yards per game, which placed them 13th in the NFL. In terms of surrendering free yardage, the Houston offense committed 619 yards of penalties on 80 infractions, ranking them 29th in the NFL. They allowed their opponents to recover 11 fumbles and threw seven interceptions, while collecting 222 first downs.

NFL Odds Week 1: Houston Texans Defensive Stats

The Texans gave up 29.0 points per game, putting them 27th in the NFL. They gave up 464 points in total during the season. Houston gave up 2,564 rushing yards (160.3 y/g) and 24 rushing TDs in 2020 football season.

They also permitted 30 passing touchdowns as well as 256.5 y/o, putting them in 24th place in the NFL. The Texans’ defense played a total of 1,068 plays last season, ranking 27th in the NFL. Last year, their defense had 9 takeaways (6 fumble recoveries and 3 interceptions).

Who will win the Jacksonville Jaguars/Houston Texans NFL game against the spread?

OddsFanatic’s Pick: Take the Houston +2.5

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Arizona Cardinals at Tennessee Titans

Odds/Point Spread: Titans (-1.5)

Total/Over-Under: 50.5

The Arizona Cardinals closed the season with an 8-8 record. The Cardinals lost their last game by a final score of 18-7, which was played in Los Angeles against the Rams. Kenyan Drake had the finest performance for Arizona, rushing for 36 yards on 10 attempts (3.6 yds every carry). DeAndre Hopkins hauled in four passes for 35 yards and gained 8.8 yards per catch. Chris Streveler’s 11/16 performance included 105 yards passing and 1 TD. He had a QB rating of 81.5 and threw one interception throughout the game.

The Cardinals gave up 110 yards on 30 rushes, which was 3.7 yards per rush surrendered each time they attempted to stop the rushing attack. Despite the fact that they lost, Arizona achieved more total yards (223) than it had in any previous game this season. They were able to complete 22 of 38 passes for a completion rate of 57.9%. After the final whistle blew, they had 49 plays, resulting in 214 yards on the ground. The Arizona Cardinals ran the ball 18 times for 48 yards, which equates to an average of 2.7 yards per carry.

Arizona Cardinals Offensive Stats

The Arizona Cardinals average of 25.6 points per game last NFL season. As a team, they gained an average of 139.8 yards on the ground, which put them 7th in the league. For the prior season, the Cardinals tallied 6,153 total yards.

Arizona threw for 27 touchdowns and rushed for 22 more. The Cardinals had a lot of chances, as they were credited with 211 first downs and gave up 113 penalties for 868 yards. They turned the ball 21 times (13 interceptions and 8 fumbles).

The Cardinals gave up 3,623 yards, placing them 10th in the NFL in passing yards allowed. In their 16 games, they gave up 226.4 yards on average through the pass and 64 percent of throws completed. They surrendered 351.9 yards on average, placing them 13th in the NFL. 26 passing touchdowns and 13 rushing TDs were given up by the defense.

The opposing offense ran for 4.6 yards per rush on the ground and 125.5 yards on the ground each game last season. They gave up 2,008 rushing yards in 16 games last season. The Cardinals were 12th in the league in terms of team defense, allowing 22.9 PPG.

NFL Odds Week 1: Tennessee Titans Stats

The Titans finished the year with a 11-5 record. The last time the Titans played football was in Week 16, when they lost 20-13 to the Ravens at home. Tennessee’s Ryan Tannehill (one touchdown) produced 165 yards on 18/26 throws with an 83.0 quarterback rating in the game. His longest completion went for 35 yards, and he threw one interception. Tennessee’s A.J. Brown caught 6 passes for 83 yards (13.8 yards per catch).

Tennessee’s running back Derrick Henry carried the ball 18 times for 40 yards in the home game against the Ravens. Tennessee scored 209 yards and ran 49 plays (4.3 yards per play). The Titans ran the ball for 2.3 yards per carry in their game against Baltimore, gaining 51 yards on 22 attempts. Tennessee gave up 35 rushing attempts for 236 yards (6.7 ypc). The Titans’ pass defense let up a 70.8 completion percentage, giving up 165 yards on 17 of 24 passing through the air.

Titans Offensive Stats

The Tennessee Titans averaged 396.4 yards on offense, which put them third in the NFL. They gave up 7 interceptions and 5 fumbles, but they gained 203 first downs. The Titans ran for 2,690 yards and averaged 168.1 on the ground in 2020. The Tennessee offense committed 783 penalty yards on 86 infractions, which put it 17th in the nation with regard to making mistakes.

In the 2020 NFL season, Tennessee accumulated 3,653 passing yards and an average of 228.3 passing yards per game, placing them 23rd in the NFL. As far as when assessing the points scored by each team, the Titans were fourth in the entire league with an average of 30.7 points per game.

NFL Odds Week 1: Tennessee Titans Defensive Stats

The Tennessee Titans allowed 27.4 points per game, putting them in 24th place in the league. They gave up 439 points last year in total.

Tennessee allowed 1,933 rushing yards (120.8 yd/game) and 18 touchdowns on the ground last season. They gave up 36 passing TDs as well as 277.4 yds/game, putting them 29th in the country.

The Tennessee defense was on the field for 1,076 times in 2020, which put them 30th in the NFL. For the prior season, their defense had 23 turnovers (8 fumbles recovered and 15 interceptions).

Who will win the Arizona Cardinals/Tennessee Titans NFL game against the spread?

OddsFanatic’s Pick: Take the Arizona +1.5