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Los Angeles Rams at Indianapolis Colts

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Odds/Point Spread: Colts (+4)

Total/Over-Under: 48

The Los Angeles Rams are 1-0 on the season and have won their first game of the year. The Rams’ last game was against the Bears, in which they prevailed by a score of 34-14. Stafford completed 20/26 passes for 321 yards and three TDs in the Rams’ first game. He threw no interceptions and had a quarterback rating of 156.1, ending the game with no picks. The Rams’ running back Darrell Henderson went for 16 rushes for 70 yards (4.4 ypc) in Week 6 against the Bears.

Cooper Kupp caught 7 passes for 108 yards, with an average of 15.4 yards per catch. The Los Angeles Rams ran the ball 23 times for a total of 74 yards, averaging 3.2 yards per attempt. They had 50 plays that resulted in 386 yards in all. The Rams were not sharp with their passing game. They conceded 29 of 40 passes for 188 yards and a 72.5 percent success rate, but they had trouble stopping the run (134 yds on 26 runs gave up 5.2 yards per rush allowed).

Los Angeles Rams Offensive Stats

For the season, the Rams have amassed 386 yards in total offense. As a team, the Rams have scored 13 first downs and been called for 4 penalties for 36 yards. The team’s running game has been a major strength for the Los Angeles Rams in the recent game. They’re currently 24th in the NFL with an average of 74.0 rushing yards per game as a unit. In terms of point production, the Los Angeles Rams average 34.0 points per game.

The Los Angeles Rams have given up 188 yards so far this season, which has them ranked eighth in the NFL when it comes to passing yardage. They’ve given up 188.0 yards through the pass and have allowed a completion percentage of 72.5 percent. For the season, they’ve given up 322.0 yards per game, which puts them at 9th in the NFL. They have given up 5.2 yards per carry and 134.0 rushing yards per game this season. Overall, they’ve allowed 134 total rushing yards in their 1-game span. The Rams’ opponents are averaging 14.0 points per game, which is the 6th best mark in the NFL.

NFL Odds Week 2: Indianapolis Stats

The Colts enter the game with a 0-1 record this season. Indianapolis took a loss in their most recent game, losing 28-16 against the Seahawks. The Colts’ Carson Wentz (2 scores) completed 27 of 38 passes for 251 yards and two touchdowns. His quarterback rating was 102. He didn’t throw any picks and his longest connection went for 24 yards. Indianapolis’ Nyheim Hines was one of the team’s most targeted players, catching 6 receptions for 48 yards (8.0 yds per catch).

NFL Odds Week 2 Indianapolis Colts stadium

Taylor carried the ball 17 times for 56 yards, ending with 3.3 yards per carry in their defeat over Seahawks. The Colts amassed 336 total yards and ran 71 plays (4.7 yard per play). The Colts rushed for 3.8 yards per attempt, finishing with 113 yards on 30 carries. The Indianapolis defense surrendered 140 rushing yards (5.2 yards per carry) in 27 tries. The Colts surrendered a completion rate of 78.3 percent, allowing 241 yards on 18 of 23 passes.

Colts Offensive Stats

The Indianapolis Colts average 336.0 yards per contest, which puts them 22nd among all NFL teams in that category. The Chiefs average 113.0 yards on the ground per game. The Indianapolis offense has 16 penalty yds because to two infractions, placing them 32nd in the league in terms of assisting their opponent. Through the air, the Colts have passed for a modest 223 yards in the first week of the season, which is 21st in the NFL. The Indianapolis Colts have a 25th-place ranking in the NFL when it comes to offense, scoring an average of 16.0 points per game.

NFL Odds Week 2: Indianapolis Colts Defensive Stats

The Colts are giving up 28.0 points per game, putting them in 20th place among all teams in the NFL. Indianapolis have given up a total of 140 rushing yards this season. They have surrendered four passing TDs and 241.0 yards per game, putting them 13th among all teams. The Colts’ defense has participated in 53 plays, which is fifth in the NFL.

Who will win the Los Angeles Rams/Indianapolis Colts NFL game against the spread?

OddsFanatic’s Pick: Take the Los Angeles -4

Cincinnati Bengals at Chicago Bears

Odds/Point Spread: Bears (-3)

Total/Over-Under: 45

The Cincinnati Bengals enter the week with a 1-0 record for the season. In their most recent game, the Bengals defeated the Vikings by a score of 27-24 in Week 1. The Bengals’ Joe Mixon rushed 29 times for 127 yards and a 4.4-yard average. By catching 5 passes for 101 yards, Ja’Marr Chase averaged 20.2 yards per reception. Joe Burrow had a good game, going 20 of 27 for 261 yards with two touchdowns.

He had a 128.8 passer rating and didn’t throw any interceptions in the win. The Bengals gave up 67 yards on 22 rushes, which is a 3.0-yard average allowed in the line of scrimmage. The Cincinnati Bengals allowed 37 pass completions on 50 attempts for 336 yards, with a completion rate of 74 percent. They ran 68 plays in the game, resulting in a total of 366 yards. Cincinnati ran the ball 36 times and accumulated 149 yards, giving them an average of 4.1 yards per carry.

Cincinnati Bengals Offensive Stats

The Cincinnati Bengals have scored 27.0 points per game, which is good concerning getting in the endzone. As a team, they are holding an average of 149.0 yards rushing this season, good for 7th best in the NFL. The Bengals have accumulated 366 total yards this season. Offensively, Cincinnati has 12 first downs and been penalized for three infractions for a total of 15 yards.

The Bengals are ranked 16th in the NFL in team defense, giving up 24.0 PPG. For the season, they are permitting teams to run for 3.0 yards per carry and 67.0 rushing yards on average each game. Through one game this season, they have given up 67 rushing yards. The Bengals’ 336 yards allowed through the air puts them 29th in the NFL. They’ve given up 336.0 yards through the air and a completion percentage of 74.0 percent. Since the start of the season, they have given up 403 yards per game, putting them 20th in the NFL.

NFL Odds Week 2: Bears Stats

The Bears enter this game with a 0-1 record. The Bears suffered a 34-14 defeat against the Rams in their most recent game. Chicago’s David Montgomery carried the football 16 times for 108 yards and ended the game with 6.8 yards per carry. The Bears made a number of plays in the passing game, including one by wide receiver Allen Robinson, who caught 6 passes for 35 yards (5.8 yards per catch).

Andy Dalton posted 206 yards on 27 of 38 passing with a 72.9 QB rating against the Rams. He had a single pass breakup and a longest reception of 19 yards. The Chicago defense surrendered 23 rushing attempts for 74 yards (3.2 yds per rush). The Chicago Bears passing defense gave up a completion rate of 76.9 percent, allowing 312 yards on 20 completions for 26 attempts. The Bears ran 69 plays and gained 322 yards (4.7 yards per play). Chicago finished the game with 134 yards on 26 rushes. The team ran for 5.2 yards per carry.

Bears Offensive Stats

When it comes to points scored, with an average of 14.0 points a game the Bears rank 28th in football. The Bears as a team have just 188 passing yards for the season thus far, which is ranked 25th in the National Football League. They’re putting up 134.0 rushing yards per game this year. The Bears have an average of 322.0 yards per contest, which is 24th in the NFL. The Chicago offense has committed 35 yards of penalties on three infractions, placing it 31st in the league in terms of hurting your team.

NFL Odds Week 2: Chicago Bears Defensive Stats

The Bears are giving up 34.0 points each game, which puts them ranked 28th among all NFL teams in terms of scoring defense. Chicago has given up a combined 74 rushing yards thus far in the season. They’ve surrendered three passing TDs and 312.0 rushing yards per game, putting them in 24th place out of all 32 teams. The Bears have played 50 plays, which puts them second in the league.

Who will win the Cincinnati Bengals/Chicago Bears NFL game against the spread?

OddsFanatic’s Pick: Take the Cincinnati +3

Detroit Lions at Green Bay Packers

Odds/Point Spread: Packers (-10.5)

Total/Over-Under: 48

The Lions are 0-1 on the year this season. In their most recent game, the Lions lost to the 49ers by a score of 41-33. Jared Goff went 38 of 57 for 338 yards with three touchdowns. He had a passer rating of 92.6 and was intercepted once during the game. The Lions’ ground game powered by D’Andre Swift was the most productive with 11 carries for 39 yards (3.5 yards per carry). Jamaal Williams had 56 receiving yards on 8 receptions, averaging 7.0 yds per catch.

The Detroit Lions ran the football a total of 24 times for a total of 116 yards, which produced an average of 4.8 yards per carry. They compiled 84 plays for 430 yards in all. Detroit gave up 18 completions on 26 attempts for a total of 311 yards and a completion percentage of 69.2 percent. The Lions allowed 131 yards on 28 rushes against the run, which equals 4.7 yards per carry surrendered.

Detroit Lions Offensive Stats

The Detroit Lions are scoring 33.0 points each game when it comes to entering the endzone. They rank 16th in the NFL with an average of 116.0 yards on the ground as a team, which is quite good for running backs who don’t have to block. The Lions have accumulated a total of 430 yards this season. Detroit has 19 first downs and has been penalized for 5 penalties for 45 yards thus far in the season.

The Lions have given up 311 yards through the air, putting them in 23rd in the league. They’ve given up 442.0 yards per game through the air, which is 28th in the NFL. They’re giving up 311.0 yards through the air and have given up a 69.2% completion rate for the year. This season, the Lions have allowed 4.7 yards per rushing attempt and 131.0 rushing yards on average. In their first game of the campaign, they gave up 131 yards on the ground. The Lions are 32nd in the NFL when it comes to opposing offenses’ scoring, giving up 41 points per game.

NFL Odds Week 2: Packers Stats

The Packers are 0-1 this season heading into their meeting with the Lions. The Packers suffered a loss by a final score of 38-3 when they faced the Saints last time out. The Green Bay Packers’ Aaron Rodgers completed the game with 133 yards on 15/28 passing and a 36.8 quarterback rating. He had two interceptions and his longest pass completion was 31 yards long. The Packers’ leading receiver was wideout Davante Adams, who hauled in 5 catches for 56 yards. Green Bay’s AJ Dillon ran the ball 4 times for 19 yards and finished with a 4.8-yard average.

The Packers amassed a total of 229 yards in the game, with 52 plays (4.4 yds per play). Green Bay ran for 2.9 yards every carry and accumulated 43 yards on 15 carries in the game. The Packers allowed 39 rushes for 171 yards (4.4 yds per carry) against the Saints on Sunday evening. The Packers pass defense gave up a completion rate of 71.4 percent, dropping 151 yards on 15 of 21 passes.

Packers Offensive Stats

The Green Bay Packers have an average of 229 yards per game this season, which is 32nd in the NFL. They average 43 yards on the ground per game. The Green Bay offense has accumulated 33 yards in penalties on five infractions, placing it 27th in the league in terms of making mistakes. During this campaign, the Packers have amassed 186 passing yards, which is 26th in the NFL. The Packers have a 3.0-point average, placing them 32nd in the NFL in terms of scoring points. There is room for improvement here.

NFL Odds Week 2: Green Bay Packers Defensive Stats

The Packers have given up a total of 171 yards rushing. They’ve given up 5 passing touchdowns as well as 151.0 yds per game, putting them third in the NFL. The Packers’ defense played 60 snaps, which puts them in the top 20 in the NFL. Green Bay’s second line is giving up 38 points per game, putting them 31st in the league.

Who will win the Detroit Lions/Green Bay Packers NFL game against the spread?

OddsFanatic’s Pick: Take the Green Bay -10.5

Houston Texans at Cleveland Browns

Odds/Point Spread: Browns (-12.5)

Total/Over-Under: 48

The Houston Texans are 1-0 this season. The Texans conquered the Jaguars in their most recent game, winning by a final of 37-21. Tyrod Taylor completed 21 of 33 passes for 291 yards and two touchdowns in the Texans’ 37-21 victory to the Jaguars. He had a QBR of 112.1 and finished with no interception. With 26 rushes for 85 yards (3.3 yards per carry), Ingram was the Texans’ best rusher. Brandin Cooks had a 26.4-yard average per reception in the Houston’s Week 1 matchup with the Jaguars, by total of 132 yards on 5 catches.

The Texans ran the ball 41 times for 160 yards and an average of 3.9 yds per attempt, good for the first triumph in the 2021 NFL season. They ended up with 75 plays, for a total of 449 yards. Houston gave up 28 pass completions on 51 throws for a total of 319 yards, and a completion percentage of 54.9 percent. In the running game, the Texans allowed 76 yards on 16 attempts for an average of 4.8 per run.

Houston Texans Offensive Stats

The Texans have gained 449 yards this season. Houston has 13 offensive first downs and has been penalized for 5 infractions for 50 yards. They have a strong rushing attack, ranking 5th in the NFL with 160.0 yards per game on the ground. The Houston Texans are currently at 37.0 points per game in terms of getting into the endzone..

The Texans rank 14th in the NFL in team defense, giving up 21.0 points per game. They are letting teams rush for an average of 4.8 yards per attempt, and 76.0 rushing yards each game throughout the season. The Texans have allowed just 76 rushing yards through one game this season. The team have a pass defense ranking of 26th in the league with 319 passing yards surrendered. The Texans are allowing 319.0 yards through the air and a 54.9 percent completion rate. In total, they have amassed 395.0 yards per game, putting them 18th in the NFL.

NFL Odds Week 2: Browns Stats

The Browns are 0-1 for the year. The Browns suffered a 33-29 defeat to the Chiefs last time they met, which was their first game of the season. Cleveland’s running back Nick Chubb carried the ball 15 times for 83 yards, averaging 5.5 yards per attempt. Jarvis Landry was a prominent target for the Browns, catching five passes for 71 yards (14.2 yds per reception). Baker Mayfield completed 21 of 28 passes for 321 yards and his quarterback rating was 97.5 in the Arrowhead stadium. His longest completed pass was for 44 yards and had one interception.

The Browns gave up a total of 23 rushing attempts for 73 yards (3.2 yds per carry). Cleveland gave up a completion rate of 75 percent, allowing 324 yards on 27 completions for 36 attempts. The Browns ran 56 plays for 457 yards (8.2 yards per play). The Cleveland offense was held to just 5.9 yards per carry in a 33-29 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday night, finishing the game with 153 rushing yards on 26 carries.

Browns Offensive Stats

The Browns rank 12th in the NFL, scoring 29.0 points per game, when it comes to their scoring ability. In the year to date, the Browns have amassed 304 passing yards, placing them 11th in the NFL. The team average 153.0 rushing yards per game. The Cleveland Browns have an average of 457.0 yardage each game, putting them second overall in the NFL. The Cleveland offense has 30 yards of penalties on 5 infractions, placing it 21st in the NFL in terms of surrendering free yards.

NFL Odds Week 2: Cleveland Browns Defensive Stats

The ground attack for the Browns has gained a total of 73 yards. The Browns are 27th in the league in passing yards per game. They’ve given up three touchdowns through the air and have surrendered 324.0 yards per game. The Browns’ defense has been on the field for 61 plays, which is ranked 12th in the NFL. The Browns are yielding 33.0 points per game, putting them in 25th place among all NFL teams.

Who will win the Houston Texans/Cleveland Browns NFL game against the spread?

OddsFanatic’s Parlay Pick: Take the Browns -12.5 and over 48 total points