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Arizona Cardinals at Jacksonville Jaguars

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Odds/Point Spread: Jaguars (+6)

Total/Over-Under: 46

The Arizona Cardinals are 2-0 this season. In their most recent game, the Cardinals defeated the Vikings by a score of 34-33. Kyler Murray completed 29 of 36 passes for 400 yards and three touchdowns in the first half. He had a QBR of 117.6, with two interceptions on the day. Rondale Moore had a fantastic college career, culminating with an NFL Combine where he finished among the top performers in every test. On 7 catches for 114 yards, Rondale Moore averaged 16.3 yds per catch.

The Cardinals’ Chase Edmonds ran for 46 yards on 8 carries (5.8 yds per attempt). They ran 60 plays for a total of 474 yards when the final whistle blew. The Arizona Cardinals ran the ball 21 times for 103 yards, giving them a 4.9-yard average on the ground. The Cardinals surrendered 177 yards on 27 rushes, which averages out to 6.6 yards per run allowed, in the line of scrimmage. On 32 attempts, Arizona completed 22 passes for a total of 242 yards and a completion percentage of 68.8 percent.

Arizona Cardinals Offensive Stats

The Arizona Cardinals’ average score is 36.0 points per game, which includes ensuring that the football goes into the endzone. As a team, they average 119.5 yards on the ground, which puts them 12th in the NFL. The Cardinals as a team have 890 yards in total offense through seven weeks. Arizona is 24th in the league with 13 penalties for 99 yards, while it has 29 first downs as a unit. They have committed three turnovers (three interceptions).

In terms of passing yards allowed, the Cardinals rank eighth in the league having given up 404 yards so far. The Cardinals are giving up 202.0 yards through the pass and allowing 64.7 percent of their passes to be completed. In total, they have given up 333.5 yards per game which puts them 11th in the league. For the season, their opponents are averaging 5.4 yards per rushing attempt and 131.5 rushing yards every contest. Their opponents have gained just 263 rushing yards in two games this year. They’ve given up 23.0 points per game, putting them 14th in the NFL.

NFL Odds Week 3: Jacksonville Stats

The Jaguars are 0-2 this season. The Jaguars suffered a loss in their most recent game, which was a 23-13 defeat against the Broncos. Jacksonville’s James Robinson rushed 11 times for 47 yards and finished the game with 4.3 yards per carry. Marvin Jones was the team’s most productive receiver, catching 6 passes for 55 yards (9.2 yards per reception). Trevor Lawrence (1 TD) threw for 118 yards on 14/33 completions with a 37.2 percent completion rate in his game in week 2 of the current NFL season.

He threw 2 interceptions, and had a longest completion of 25 yards. The Jaguars gave up 30 rushing attempts for 96 yards (3.2 yds per rush). Jacksonville’s passing defense allowed a completion percentage of 76.5 percent, allowing 302 yards on 26 out of 34 passes. The Jaguars had 189 yards on 50 plays (3.8 yards per play), which was good for the win. The Jaguars rushed for 4.7 yards per attempt, gaining 75 yards on 16 attempts.

NFL Odds Week 3 Jacksonville Jaguars
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Jaguars Offensive Stats

The Jacksonville Jaguars are 29th in terms of total points scored, putting up 17.0 points each game. For the season, the Jaguars have amassed 433 yards through the air with an average of 216.5 passing yards per game, which puts them 23rd in the NFL. The Jaguars average 75.5 yards on the ground and have rushed for 151 yards in total. The Jacksonville Jaguars average 292.0 yards per game, which has them ranked 27th in the NFL. The Jacksonville offense has caused 152 penalty yards on 17 infractions, which is eighth in the league in terms of committing errors. They’ve already thrown five interceptions and collected 19 first downs.

NFL Odds Week 3: Jacksonville Jaguars Defensive Stats

With a 30.0 point average, the Jaguars have themselves ranked 26th in the NFL. The Jaguars have given up 256 rushing yards this season (128.0 yard/game), as well as two touchdowns on the ground. They’ve given up four passing touchdowns and 295.5 yards per game, putting them 27th in the NFL. The Jaguars’ defense has been on the field for 142 plays, which is 29th in the NFL. They have given up 60 points in the course of the season. This season, they haven’t had any turnovers.

Who will win the Arizona Cardinals/Jacksonville Jaguars NFL game against the spread?

Odds Fanatic’s Pick: Take the Cardinals -6

Atlanta Falcons at New York Giants

Odds/Point Spread: Giants (-2.5)

Total/Over-Under: 43.5

The Atlanta Falcons enter this week’s game with a 0-2 record. The Falcons lost their most recent game, against the Buccaneers, by a score of 48-25. Matt Ryan completed 35 of 46 passes for 300 yards and two touchdowns. He had an QB rating of 80 after the game, with three interceptions. Atlanta’s running back, Mike Davis, was the team’s leading rusher with 9 carries for 38 yards (4.2 yards per carry).

With 73 yards on 5 catches, Tyler Pitts finished with an average of 14.6 yards per catch. The Atlanta Falcons ended up rushing 20 times for a total of 55 yards, which is 2.8 yards per carry on average. The Falcons ran 69 plays for 348 yards in the game. They allowed 24 completions on 36 attempts for 259 yards, and a completion percentage of 66.7 percent. The Falcons gave up 82 yards on 21 rushes, which comes out to 3.9 yds per run allowed, in order to stop the run.

Atlanta Falcons Offensive Stats

The Falcons have 608 total yards this season. The team has 23 first downs and has been penalized 18 times for 148 yards. The Falcons have surrendered the ball three times to their opponents (three interceptions). As a group, they average 89.5 yards on the ground, which is 24th in the NFL. Atlanta averaged 15.5 points per game in terms of scoring. The Falcons rank 32nd in the NFL when it comes to their opponents’ scoring, giving up 40 points per game.

For the season, teams are rushing for 4.9 yards per carry and 127.5 rushing yards each game. Overall, they have given up 255 rushing yards in two games. The Falcons’ passing yardage has been 520, putting them in 19th place in the football league. They have given up 260.0 yards through the pass, as well as a completion percentage of 71.8 percent, in two games. In total, they have given up 387.5 yards per game, which puts them 21st in the country.

NFL Odds Week 3: New York Stats

The Giants enter this game with a 0-2 record for the season. The Giants went home defeated by a score of 30-29 when they faced the Football Team last time, in their last match. Daniel Jones went 22/32 for 249 yards and a touchdown in the game while having a QB rate of 102.2. With no interceptions, he kept the ball away from the opposition, with his longest completion coming in at 33 yards. Saquon Barkley carried the ball 13 times for 57 yards and finished with 4.4 yards per carry in New York’s 30-29 victory over the Football Team.

The Giants targeted Sterling Shepard frequently, catching 9 footballs for 94 yards (10.4 yds per catch). New York rushed for 5.8 yards per carry ending the game with 163 yards on 28 rushes. The Giants had 391 yards and ran 64 plays (6.1 yards per play), according to the NFL. New York’s passing defense gave up a completion rate of 73.9 percent, allowing 320 yards on 34 for 46 passes thrown. The Giants gave up 22 rushing attempts for 87 yards (4.0 yards per rush).

Giants Offensive Stats

The Giants are ranked 22nd among all clubs in the NFL, with an average of 21.0 points per game. They currently have 482 yards on the pass and an average of 241.0 passing yards per game, putting them 17th in the league after 2 weeks. They average 111.5 rushing yards per game, with a total of 223 yards on the ground thus far. The New York Giants have an average of 352.5 yards per game, which puts them 19th in the league. In terms of helping out the opposition the offense has incurred 129 yards of penalties on 15 infractions, which is 13th in the NFL. They’ve given up one fumble and accumulated 23 first downs.

NFL Odds Week 3: New York Giants Defensive Stats

The Giants are surrendering 28.5 points per game, which has them ranked 25th in the NFL. This year, the Giants have given up 252 rushing yards (126.0 yards per game) and two rushing touchdowns. New York have given up four passing touchdowns and 287.5 yards/game this season, placing them 25th in the league. The Giants defense has been on the field for 135 plays, which is 25th in the league. They have given up 57 total points in total. They have already recorded two takeaways (1 fumble and 1 pick) this season.

Who will win the Atlanta Falcons/New York Giants NFL game against the spread?

Odds Fanatic’s Pick: Take the Giants -2.5

Indianapolis Colts at Tennessee Titans

Odds/Point Spread: Titans (-3)

Total/Over-Under: 54.5

The Indianapolis Colts are 0-2 this season and have lost their past two games. The Colts were beaten by a final of 27-24 in their most recent match, which was against the Rams. Carson Wentz had a passer rating of 86.4 and completed 20 of 31 passes for 247 yards with one touchdown in the Colts’ 27-24 loss to the Rams. He also had one interception. By catching eight passes for 123 yards, Michael Pittman Jr. had an average of 15.4 yds per grab. The Colts had the top rusher in Jonathan Taylor, who had 15 rushes for 51 yards (3.4 yds per carry).

They ran 65 plays in all, which resulted in 354 yards. The Indianapolis Colts executed 26 rushing plays for 109 yards, or an average of 4.2 yards per carry. The Colts gave up 101 yards on 29 rushes against the run, which comes out to 3.5 yards per rush allowed. Indianapolis gave up 19 pass completions on 30 attempts for 270 yards and a completion percentage of 63.3 in their week 2 loss against the Los Angeles Rams.

Indianapolis Colts Offensive Stats

The Indianapolis Colts are scoring 20.0 points per game on average in order to get into the endzone. As a unit, they maintain an average of 111.0 yards on the ground, which puts them 16th in the league. The Colts have 690 yards in total for the season thus far. Indianapolis has scored 27 first downs as an offense and been penalized five times for 41 yards. They’ve given up the football three times (twice on interceptions and once on a fumble).

The Colts have given up 511 yards through the air, which puts them 17th in the NFL. They’ve given up 255.5 yards through the air and have allowed a 69.8 percent completion rate. Overall, the Colts are giving up 376.0 yards each game, putting them 18th in the NFL. For the season, they have given up 4.3 yards per carry and 120.5 rushing yards on average. Through two games, they have given up 241 rushing yards this season. The Colts are 24th in the NFL in terms of team defense, allowing 27.5 points each game.

NFL Odds Week 3: Tennessee Stats

The Tennessee Titans are 1-1 this season, having lost to the Cardinals in Arizona in their week 1. In their previous game, the Titans achieved a 33-30 victory over the Seattle Seahawks. The Titans were aided by Ryan Tannehill, who finished the game with 347 yards on 27/40 passing and a 94.5 quarterback rating. He didn’t throw any interceptions during the contest, and his longest pass saw him connect on 51 yards. Julio Jones caught 6 balls for 128 yards (21.3 yds per reception) in the passing game for the Titans.

Derrick Henry rushed for 182 yards on 35 runs against the Seahawks, averaging 5.2 yards per carry in their successful game last week. The running attack produced 532 rushing yards while totaling 83 plays (6.4 yds per play). Tennessee ran the ball for 5.3 yards per carry, finishing with 212 total yards on 40 attempts. Tennessee gave up 18 rushes for 77 yards (4.3 ypc) in this game, with the defense giving up a completion rate of 71% allowing 320 yards on 22 completions for 31 passing.

Titans Offensive Stats

In terms of how many points they score, the Titans rank 17th in football with a average of 23.0 points per game. The Titans’ pass attack has been outstanding thus far, as the team has accumulated 482 yards on the pass and an average of 241.0 passing yards per game, which puts them 16th in the 2021 NFL. They average 149.0 rushing yards per game and have carried it 298 times this NFL year. The Tennessee Titans average 390.0 yards per game, which puts them 10th in the NFL. Tennessee’s offense has given up 102 penalty yards on 12 infractions, putting them 23rd in the league in terms of allowing free yardage. The Ravens have given up 1 pick while allowing opponents to recover three fumbles, and they’ve scored 28 first downs.

NFL Odds Week 3: Tennessee Titans Defensive Stats

The Titans are giving up 34 points per game this season, putting them 29th in the NFL. In 2020, Tennessee has given up a total of 213 rushing yards (106.5 y/g) in addition to three rushing touchdowns. They have given up six touchdowns through the air and 300.0 yards/game, putting them 28th in the league. The Titans’ defense has been on the field for 119 plays, which puts them in 9th place in the NFL. Overall, they have given up 68 total points. On the other hand, their defense has notched only one takeaway.

Who will win the Indianapolis Colts/Tennessee Titans NFL game against the spread?

Odds Fanatic’s Pick: Take the Titans -3

Baltimore Ravens at Detroit Lions

Odds/Point Spread: Lions (+7.5)

Total/Over-Under: 43.5

The Baltimore Ravens go onto the field with a 1-1 record. In their most recent game, the Ravens defeated the Chiefs by a final of 36-35. Lamar Jackson completed 18 of 26 passes for 239 yards and one touchdown. He had an effective quarterback rating of 78.8, recording two interceptions throughout the game. Ty’Son Williams had 13 attempts for 77 yards (5.9 yds per attempt) and was the Ravens’ top rusher.

Marquise Brown had a fantastic performance catching 6 passes for 113 yards. The Baltimore Ravens ran the ball 41 times for 251 yards, which produced a 6.1 yard average per attempt. They ran 68 plays for a total of 481 yards in the game. Baltimore gave up 24 completions on 31 attempts for 343 yards, with a completion percentage of 77.4 percent. In the running game, Baltimore gave up 3.4 yards on each carry surrendered, for a total of 18 runs and 62 yards allowed.

Baltimore Ravens Offensive Stats

The Baltimore Ravens are averaging 31.5 points per game when it comes to accumulating points on the board. As a combined unit, the Ravens’ ground game averages 220 yards per game, which has them leading the NFL.Over the course of the season, the Ravens have produced 887 total yards. Baltimore has scored 22 first downs as a team and has been penalized 13 times for 126 yards. The Ravens have given up the ball four times (two picks and two fumbles). The Ravens have given up 752 passing yards this season, which puts them in 32nd place in the NFL.

They’ve surrendered 376 yards through the air and allowed 66.7 percent of pass attempts to be completed. They have gained 448.0 yards per game, which puts them 31st in the NFL. There are a lot of reasons why the opposing offense has been so successful. The opposition is averaging 3.7 yards per catch and 72.0 yards rushing on the ground each game this season. They’ve permitted 144 yards on the ground in just two games this season. The Ravens are 30th in terms of their opponents’ scoring, giving up 34.0 points per game.

NFL Odds Week 3: Detroit Stats

The Lions are in a tailspin, having lost their first two games this season. The Lions suffered a 35-17 defeat against the Packers last time they played. Josh Rosen (2 TD’s) threw for 246 yards on 26/36 completions with a 97.7 percent passing efficiency. He had one pass of 46 yards, as well as one fumble. The Lions’ D’Andre Swift rushed for 37 yards on 8 attempts while also gaining 4.6 average yardage.

T.J. Hockenson was a significant factor in the Lions’ passing game, catching 8 passes for 66 yards (8.3 yds per reception). Detroit finished Sunday night’s game with 108 rushing yards on 19 carries for 5.7 ypc. The Lions gained 344 yards on 56 plays (6.1 yards per play) in a 35-17 loss to the Packers. Their passing defense allowed an 81.5 completion percentage and 227 yards on 22 of 27 passes. Detroit had 31 rushes for 96 rushing yards (3.1 yards per carry) in the first two games.

Lions Offensive Stats

The Detroit Lions are ranked 13th in the NFL in terms of scoring points, averaging 25.0 per game. So far this season the Lions have a passing offense that ranks 12th in the NFL, with 550 yards through the air, as well as an average of 275.0 passing yards per game. The Lions have rushed for an average of 112.0 yards per game, and they’ve run the ball for 224 yards this season. Detroit have an average of 387.0 yards per game this season, which has them ranked 12th among all teams in the NFL. The offense has accumulated 123 penalty yards on 14 infractions, which puts it 16th in the league in terms of assisting the opposition. The Lions have committed 2 interceptions while letting opponents recover a fumble and have recorded 30 first downs.

NFL Odds Week 3: Detroit Lions Defensive Stats

The Lions have given up a total of 227 rushing yards (113.5 ypg) and 3 rushing touchdowns thus far this season. Detroit rank 21st in passing yards allowed per game (269.0) and they have given up 6 touchdowns through the pass. For the season, their defense has two takeaways (2 fumbles recovered and 0 interceptions). They’ve given up a total of 76 points this term. The Lions’ defense has been on the field for 116 plays, which puts them in 7th place in the NFL. The Lions give up 38.0 points per game, putting them 31st in the NFL.

Who will win the Baltimore Ravens/Detroit Lions NFL game against the spread?

OddsFanatic’s Parlay Pick: Take the Lions +7.5 and over 43.5 total points