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Cleveland Browns at Cincinnati Bengals

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Odds/Point Spread: Bengals (-3)

Total/Over-Under: 45

The Cleveland Browns are 4-4 in 2021. In their most recent game, the Cleveland Browns lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers by a score of 15-10. The Browns’ running back Nick Chubb accumulated 16 carries for 61 yards leading the charge (3.8 yards per carry). Jarvis Landry had 65 receiving yards on 5 receptions to average 13.0 yards per catch. Baker Mayfield completed 20 of 31 passes for 225 yards with no interceptions in Cleveland’s victory over the Pittsburgh.

The Browns surrendered 41 yards on 14 rushes, or 2.9 yds per rush allowed, in stopping the run. Cleveland gave up 23 pass completions on 33 attempts for 182 yards and a completion rate of 69.7 percent. In all, they had 58 plays during the game, resulting in a total of 306 yards. The Cleveland Browns ran the ball 23 times for 96 yards, or an average of 4.2 yards per carry.

Cleveland Browns Offensive Stats

The Cleveland Browns average 22.9 points per game. They are 1st in the NFL with 161.1 rushing yards as a team. The Browns have accumulated 3,060 total yards this season. Cleveland’s offense has scored 90 first downs and committed 54 infractions for 518 yards. They’ve tossed the ball away 8 times (3 interceptions and 5 fumbles). Cleveland has scored 7 passing touchdowns and 14 rushing touchdowns thus far this season. The Browns have given up 1,761 passing yards this season, which puts them 11th in the NFL.

They’ve allowed 220.1 yards through the air and a 61.4 percent completion rate. Overall, the Cleveland Browns are giving up 304.9 yards per game, putting them third in the NFL. They’ve given up 17 interceptions through the air and 6 touchdowns on the ground. They are giving up an average of 3.5 yards per carry and 84.8 rushing yards each game this season. They have given up 678 rushing yards in 8 games throughout the year. The Browns are 13th in the NFL in terms of opposing scoring, giving up 22.5 points per game on average.

NFL odds week 9 Cleveland Browns
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NFL Odds Week 9: Cincinnati Stats

The Bengals have a record of 5-3 this season. The Bengals suffered a defeat by a score of 34-31 in their previous game, which they played the New York Jets. Cincinnati’s Joe Mixon carried the football 14 times for 33 yards and ended with 2.4 yards per carry in the game. The Bengals’ Tee Higgins caught 4 passes for 97 yards (24.3 yds per catch). Joe Burrow (3 touchdowns) had 259 yards on 21/34 passing with a 102.5 QB rate.

He threw 1 interception and had an average yards per attempt of 7.62 yds. Cincinnati allowed 4.8 yards per rushing attempt with 24 rushes for 115 yards. The Bengals’ passing defense gave up a completion rate of 47.6 percent, allowing 278 yards on 20 out of 42 passes. They accumulated a total of 318 yards throughout the game while running 54 plays (5.9 yards per play). The Cincinnati Bengals gained 2.6 yards every time it had the ball, totaling 41 yards in 16 runs.

Bengals Offensive Stats

The Cincinnati Bengals are 14th in the NFL, averaging 363.1 yards per game. They’ve gained 98.6 yards on the ground each game this year and have carried the ball for 789 yards. The Cincinnati offense has amassed 307 penalty yards on 35 infractions, putting them 31st in the NFL in terms of aiding the opponent. They’ve given up 9 interceptions and 1 fumble, but they’ve nonetheless been able to score 95 first downs. The Cincinnati Bengals have compiled 2,116 passing yards and 264.5 rushing yards per game in their 8-game season so far. They rank 11th in the NFL compared to other teams in the football league. The Cincinnati Bengals are 7th in the NFL in terms of scoring points, averaging 27.5 per game.

NFL Odds Week 9: Cincinnati Bengals Defensive Stats

The Bengals are giving up 20.3 points a game, putting them 6th in the NFL. This season, Cincinnati has allowed 755 yards on the ground (94.4 yards per game) as well as seven rushing touchdowns. They’ve given up 10 passing TDs and 266.9 yards per game, putting them in 23rd in the NFL. Cincinnati’s defense has gone 541 plays, putting them 30th in the league. Overall, they have given up 162 points in 8 games. They’ve had 9 takeaways this season, including 2 fumbles recovered and 7 interceptions.

Who will win the Cleveland Browns at Cincinnati Bengals NFL game against the spread?

Oddsfanatic’s Parlay Pick: Take the Bengals -3 and over 45 total points

Buffalo Bills at Jacksonville Jaguars

Odds/Point Spread: Jaguars (+10.5)

Total/Over-Under: 49.5

The Buffalo Bills are 5-2 this season heading into this game. The Bills played the Miami Dolphins in their most recent contest, which resulted in a 26-11 win. Josh Allen completed 29 of his 42 passes for 249 yards and two touchdowns. He had a passer rating of 100.2, didn’t throw an interception when the final whistle blew. The Bills dominated in the ground game, with Devin Singletary leading the way with 7 carries for 28 yards (4.0 yards per carry).

Cole Beasley had an average of 11.0 yards per reception and gained 110 yards on 10 catches. The Bills ran 23 times for 102 yards, producing an average of 4.4 yards per attempt. They had 66 plays in all, for 351 yards, at the end of the game. Buffalo gave up 18 completions on 29 pass attempts for 216 yards, with a completion percentage of 62.1 percent. On the ground, the Bills allowed 146 yards on 22 tries, an average of 6.6 yards per run allowed.

Buffalo Bills Offensive Stats

In terms of putting points on the board, the Bills average 32.7 points per game. They’re averaging 126.6 yards through the ground game, placing them eighth in the NFL as a unit. The Bills have accumulated 2,820 yards this season. On offense, Buffalo has gained 102 first downs and committed 49 penalties for 437 yards. They’ve given it up 5 times (3 interceptions and 2 fumbles lost). With regard to touchdowns scored by passing and rushing, Buffalo has amassed 17 passing TDs and 8 touchdown rushes.

The Bills have allowed 1,277 yards through the air this season, which is first in the NFL. They’ve given up 182.4 yards per game through the air and a completion percentage of 57.6 percent. Overall, the Bills are giving up 269.0 yards per game, which puts them first in the NFL. They’ve given up 5 touchdowns through the air and 6 on the ground. This year, opposing offenses are running for 4.0 yards per rushing attempt and 86.6 yards on the ground per game. They have given up 606 rushing yards in 7 games this season. The Bills are first in the NFL in terms of opposing offenses scoring, with 15.6 points allowed per game.

NFL Odds Week 9: Jacksonville Stats

The Jaguars are 1-6 this season. When they faced the Seattle Seahawks last time, the Jaguars lost by a score of 31-7. The Jaguars’ quarterback Trevor Lawrence completed 32 passes on 54 attempts for a total of 238 yards while his passer rating was 68.3. He had 1 interception and 4.41 yards per pass attempt as his average. The Jaguars’ best receiver was Dan Arnold, who caught eight passes for 68 yards (8.5 yards per grab).

Jacksonville’s Carlos Hyde ran the ball nine times for 32 yards and ended up with 3.6 yards per attempt in the game. The Jaguars had 309 yards of offense and ran 74 plays (4.2 yards per play). Jacksonville rushed the ball 19 times for 82 yards, with a 4.3 yard average. They allowed 20 rushing attempts for 77 yards, or 3.9 per rush. The pass defense allowed a 70.8 percent completion rate, allowing 354 yards in 34 of 48 passing attempts.

NFL odds week 9 Jacksonville Jaguars
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Jaguars Offensive Stats

The Jaguars are currently 27th in the NFL with an average of 17.6 points scored per game, according to the board. Through the air, the Jacksonville Jaguars have 1,632 yards through 7 games this season, putting them 18th in the NFL. Through the air, they average 116.1 yards per game and have carried the ball 813 times this season. The Jacksonville Jaguars rank 17th in the NFL while gaining 349.3 yards per game. The Jacksonville Jaguars’ offense has incurred 382 penalty yards on 47 infractions, putting them 19th in the NFL when it comes to making mistakes. They’ve thrown 9 interceptions and lost 3 fumbles, yet they’ve still been able to gain 82 first downs.

NFL Odds Week 9: Jacksonville Jaguars Defensive Stats

The Jacksonville Jaguars are giving up 29.0 points per game this season, putting them 28th in the league. For the year, Jacksonville has allowed 755 rushing yards (107.9 rushing yards per game) and 10 rushing touchdowns. They have allowed 11 passing touchdowns and 278.1 rushing yards per game, which has them 29th in the NFL. The Jaguars’ defense has had the field for 442 plays, which is sixth in the league. This year, they have given up 203 points through seven games. This season, their defense has recorded two takeaways (zero fumbles and two interceptions).

Who will win the Buffalo Bills at Jacksonville Jaguars NFL game against the spread?

Oddsfanatic’s Pick: Take the Jaguars +10.5

Green Bay Packers at Kansas City Chiefs

Odds/Point Spread: Chiefs (-2.5)

Total/Over-Under: 53.5

The Green Bay Packers are 7-1 this season, entering this game with a win in their past. The Packers won their most recent game vs. the Arizona Cardinals by a score of 24-21 in their previous contest. Aaron Rodgers went 22 of 37 for 184 yards and two touchdowns. He finished the game without throwing an interception, with a quarterback rate of 90.4 percent. Without a doubt, Robert Tonyan stole the show by catching three passes for 49 yards and an average of 16.3 yards per catch.

The Packers’ rushing leader was AJ Dillon, who had 16 carries for 78 yards (4.9 yards per attempt). In the game, they executed 72 plays for 335 yards. The Green Bay Packers ran the ball 34 times and gained 151 yards, which equated to 4.4 yards per carry on average. The Packers gave up 195 yards on 29 runs, an average of 6.7 yds per run surrendered against the rush. On 37 pass attempts, Green Bay gave up 235 yards with a completion percentage of 67.6 percent.

Green Bay Packers Offensive Stats

The Green Bay Packers average 24.0 points per game when putting the ball in the endzone. In the run game as a whole, they have an average of 108.1 yards, which puts them 17th among all teams in the league. The Packers have accumulated approximately 2,700 yards through the first eight weeks of the season. Green Bay has recorded 103 first downs as a team and has committed 36 infractions for 352 yards. They’ve given up six turnovers (3 interceptions and 3 fumbles lost). In terms of scoring, Green Bay has received 17 passing touchdowns and 5 rushing touchdowns.

In terms of yards through the air, the Packers have given up 1,734 yards, which puts them 10th in the NFL. They are allowing 216.8 yards per game via pass and 66.5 percent of passes completed. The defense has given up a total of 331.8 yards per game during the season, placing them 7th in the NFL. They’ve given up 14 passing touchdowns and 8 rushing touchdowns this year. They are allowing teams to gain 4.7 yards on average per rush and 115.0 rushing yards each game this season. They’ve given up 920 running yards in 8 games this year. When it comes to their opponents’ scoring the Packers are 9th in the NFL, giving up 20.9 points per game.

NFL Odds Week 9: Kansas City Stats

The Chiefs, who have a 4-4 record this season, entering the game. Kansas City closed out their previous match with a 20-17 victory over the New York Giants when they last played on the field. With a touchdown, Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes finished with 275 yards on 29/48 passing and a 74.6 passer rating. He threw one interception and had an average yards per pass attempt of 5.73 yards. The Chiefs had a lot of success with Tyreek Hill, who caught 12 passes for 94 yards (7.8 yards per reception).

Kansas City’s Darrel Williams rushed 13 times for 49 yards and 3.8 yard per carry. The Chiefs gained 368 yards, running 77 plays (4.8 yards per play). Kansas City ran for 4.0 yds per carry and gained 107 yards on 27 runs. They gave up 35 rushing attempts for a loss of 103 yards (2.9 yds per rush). The Chiefs pass defense gave up a completion rate of 78.6 percent, allowing 266 yards on 22 out of 28 passing.

Chiefs Offensive Stats

In terms of their offensive power, the Chiefs currently rank 9th in the NFL with a scoring average of 26.0 points per game. During the regular season, Kansas City has accumulated 2,369 passing yards with an average of 296.1 passing yards per game, placing them fifth in the NFL. The run game has been good, as they average 116.8 yards per game on the ground. The team has rushed for 934 yards this year. The Kansas City Chiefs have an average of 412.9 yards each game, which puts them fourth in the NFL. The offense has 56 infractions for 466 yards of penalties, which is fifth in the NFL in terms of hurting your team. They’ve thrown 10 interceptions while allowing teams to recover 9 fumbles, and they’ve earned 138 first downs.

NFL Odds Week 9: Kansas City Chiefs Defensive Stats

For the season, the Chiefs have allowed 974 rushing yards (121.8 rush yards per game) and 10 touchdowns on the ground. They’re 25th in the league having surrendered 15 passing touchdowns, as well as 269.8 yards/game. They’ve had 8 takeaways (2 fumble recoveries and 6 interceptions) this season. They’ve given up 220 points in 2021. The Chiefs’ defense has been on the field for 487 plays, which is 18th in the NFL. The Chiefs are giving up 27.5 points per game, putting them 25th in the league.

Who will win the Green Bay Packers at Kansas City Chiefs NFL game against the spread?

Oddsfanatic’s Pick: Take the Packers +2.5

Chicago Bears at Pittsburgh Steelers

The Chicago Bears are 3-5 on the year this season. The Bears played against the San Francisco 49ers and lost by a score of 33-22 in their most recent game. Justin Fields finished 19-of-27 for 175 yards with 1 touchdown. He had an 84.6 quarterback rating and ended the game with 1 interception. The Bears’ Khalil Herbert was the team’s main rusher with 23 attempts for 72 yards (3.1 average per attempt).

Darnell Mooney had 64 receiving yards on 6 catches, giving him an average of 10.7 yards per catch. The Chicago Bears ran 36 times for a total of 176 yards, which translates to 4.9 yards per carry. They had 67 plays in all, resulting in 324 yards. Chicago surrendered 22 completions on 39 tries for a total of 226 yards, with a completion percentage of 56.4. The Bears gave up 182 yards on 31 runs, yielding a 5.9-yard run advantage per game.

Chicago Bears Offensive Stats

The Bears have 2,112 total yards this season. Offensively Chicago has 66 first downs and has been penalized for 46 infractions for 396 yards. Chicago’s offense has scored eight rushing and four passing touchdowns in their loss to San Francisco 49ers. They have turned the ball over 11 times (8 interceptions, 3 fumbles). As a unit, the Bears’ ground game averages 136.6 yards per game, which places them fifth in the league. The Chicago Bears average 15.4 points per game when it comes to scoring points. The Bears have defended the pass quite well, allowing only 1,860 yards through the air which has them ranked 15th in the league.

They are giving up 232.5 yards per game through the air and 64 percent completions. Over the course of the year, they are giving up 357.5 yards per game, putting them 15th in the NFL. Through air they have conceded 14 touchdowns. Additionally they allowed 8 running TDs. For the season, the opposition is averaging 4.5 yards per rushing attempt and 125.0 rushing yards every game. They’ve given up 1,000 total rushing yards through 8 games in total. The defense is ranked 20th in the NFL in terms of opposing teams scoring, allowing 24.4 points per game.

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NFL Odds Week 9: Pittsburgh Stats

The Pittsburgh Steelers are 4-3 on the season this year. The Steelers won their last game, 15-10, against the Cleveland Browns. Pittsburgh’s Najee Harris carried the ball 26 times for 91 yards, ending the game with 3.5 yards per carry. Diontae Johnson was a major part of Pittsburgh’s passing attack, catching 6 passes for 98 yards (16.3 yds per catch). Ben Roethlisberger threw for 266 yards and a touchdown against the Browns.

He amassed those totals on 22/34 passes with no interception and a passer rating of 98.4. The Steelers gave up 27 rushes for 144 yards (5.3 yds per carry) in the recent game. The pass defense allowed a completion rate of 71.9 percent, giving up 165 yards on 23 completions for 32 passing. The Steelers had 370 yards in the game (5.4 ypp), and they ran 69 plays. Pittsburgh achieved 3.6 yards per carry on 32 runs, totaling 115 yards.

Steelers Offensive Stats

The Steelers rank 26th in the NFL in terms of points scored, with 18.9 points per game. The Steelers’ passing offense has been outstanding this season, as they currently have 1,711 yards through the air and an average of 244.4 passing yards per game, which is 16th in the NFL. They feature a strong rushing attack, averaging 86.0 yards per game on the ground and 602 yards for the season. The Pittsburgh Steelers rank 24th in the NFL with 330.4 yard average. The offense has 344 yards in penalties on 46 infractions, putting them 22nd in the NFL. They’ve thrown four interceptions and lost two fumbles while gaining 88 first downs.

NFL Odds Week 9: Pittsburgh Steelers Defensive Stats

The Steelers have given up 742 rushing yards (106.0 ypg) and three touchdowns on the run this season. They’ve given up 11 passing touchdowns and 239.7 yards on average, placing them 13th among all teams in terms of pass defense. They’ve had 6 takeaways (4 fumbles and 2 interceptions) this season. In 2021 NFL season, they allowed a total of 142 points. The Steelers defense has played 437 snaps so far this season, putting them fourth in the league defensively. The Steelers give up 20.3 points per game, putting them in seventh place in the NFL.

Who will win the Chicago Bears at Pittsburgh Steelers NFL game against the spread?

Oddsfanatic’s Pick: Take the Steelers -5