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Dallas Cowboys at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Here are OddsFanatic’s 2021 NFL Picks Week 1 for you!

Odds/Point Spread: Buccaneers (-6)

Total/Over-Under: 52

The Dallas Cowboys ended the campaign with a 6-10 record. In their final game, the Cowboys faced the Giants and lost by a final score of 23-19. Dalton went 29 of 47 for 244 yards. He ended the game with 1 interception and a 66.3 QB rating. Elliott was the Cowboys’ leading rusher on the ground, going for 14 carries for 42 yards (3.0 yards per carry). Dalton Schultz had an average of 10.0 yds per catch by accumulating 70 yards on 7 receptions.

The Dallas Cowboys ran the rock 27 times for a total of 108 yards, resulting in an average of 4.0 yds per carry. They ran 80 plays for a total of 307 yards after the final whistle. On 25 attempts, the Cowboys allowed 17 completions for 211 yards and a completion percentage of 68.0. In the running game, they gave up 125 yards on 28 tries, or 4.5 yds per run surrendered.

Dallas Cowboys Offensive Stats

In terms of gaining points, the Dallas Cowboys put up an average of 24.7 points per game. As a team, they averaged 111.8 yards on the ground, placing them 17th in the NFL. The Cowboys put up 5,949 yards last season. On the offensive side of the ball, Dallas scored 25 passing touchdowns and 14 rushing touchdowns. As a team, the Cowboys recorded 231 first downs and were called for 96 penalties for 849 yards. They gave up the ball 26 times, with 13 interceptions and 13 fumbles.

Last year, the Cowboys gave up 29.6 points per game, ranking 28th in the NFL. In season 2020, the opposition ran for 5.0 yards each time they had the ball and picked up 158.8 rushing yards on average per game. They let 2,541 yards on the ground in 16 games last year.

The Cowboys gave up 3,642 passing yards, which put them 11th in the NFL. They surrendered a pass yardage of 227.6 and a completion rate of 63.9% in 16 games last season, according to ESPN Stats & Information. The team let 34 TDs via air and 20 touchdowns on the ground. They gave up 386.4 yards per game, which put them 23rd in the league.

NFL Picks And Predictions Week 1: Tampa Bay Stats

The Bucs ended the season with a 11-5 record. The Buccaneers earned their final victory of the year, beating Kansas City 31-9, in the Super Bowl. Fournette ran for 89 yards for Tampa Bay and finished with 5.6 yards per carry.

The Buccaneers targeted Gronkowski frequently, as he was one of their top receivers (6 receptions for 67 yards, 11.2 yds per grab). Brady completed the game with 201 yards on 21/29 passing while his QB rate was 125.8. He didn’t throw any interceptions and his longest pass went for 31 yards.

Tampa Bay gave up 17 tries on the ground for 107 yards (6.3 yards per carry). The Buccaneers’ defensive unit allowed a completion percentage of 53.1 percent, giving up 243 yards on 26 completions for 49 passing. While running 63 plays, Tampa Bay gained 340 yards (5.4 yds per play). Tampa Bay rushed for 4.4 yards per carry, amassing 145 yards on 33 attempts.

Buccaneers Offensive Stats

The Buccaneers were third in the league with a point total of 30.8 per game in football, according to ESPN Stats & Information. Last season, Tampa Bay threw for 4,626 yards and averaged 289.1 passing yards per game, placing them second in the league. They ran for 1,519 yards during the campaign and averaged 94.9 yards per game on the ground.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers averaged 384.1 yards per game, which put them 7th in the NFL. The Tampa Bay offense had 715 yards in penalties on 84 infractions, placing them 21st in the NFL with respect to assisting the opposition. They allowed opponents to recover 5 fumbles and had 239 1st downs, but they also threw 12 picks.

NFL Picks And Predictions Week 1: Tampa Bay Defensive Stats

Tampa Bay had 1,289 yards rushing (80.6 per game) and ten touchdowns on the ground last season. The previous year, their defense turned 25 interceptions into turnovers (10 fumbles recovered). They gave up 29 passing touchdowns and 246.6 yards/game, putting them 21st in the national football league.

The Buccaneers defense took part in 1,023 plays, placing them 16th in the league. In total, they surrendered 355 total points. The Buccaneers gave up 22.2 points per game, which put them in eighth place among all teams in the NFL.

Who will win the Dallas Cowboys/Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFL game against the spread?

OddsFanatic’s Pick: Take the Cowboys +6

NFL Picks Week 1 football stadium

Green Bay Packers at New Orleans Saints

Odds/Point Spread: Saints (-1.5)

Total/Over-Under: 51

The Green Bay Packers finished the campaign with a 13-3 record. The Packers lost their last game, 31-26, against the Buccaneers. In a game with plenty of scoring, Aaron Rodgers completed 33 of 48 passes for 346 yards and three touchdowns. He threw one interception and had a QB rate of 101.6. By catching 67 yards on 9 receptions, Davante Adams produced an average of 7.4 YPRs.

Jamaal Williams was the Green Bay Packers’ top rusher with seven rushes for 23 yards (3.3 yards per carry). After everything was said and done, they had 69 plays, which translated to 381 yards. The Packers ran the ball 16 times for 67 yards, producing a 4.2-yard average per carry. The Packers surrendered 76 yards on 24 rushes against the rush, yielding 3.2 yards per run allowed.

The Green Bay Packers allowed 20 completions out of 36 attempts for 275 yards and a 55.6 completion percentage.

Green Bay Packers Offensive Stats

The Packers had 6,224 total yards last season. They gave it up 11 times, with five interceptions and six fumbles. Green Bay scored 48 passing and 16 rushing touchdowns during the regular season. Green Bay had 216 first downs offensively, and they committed 84 penalties for 684 yards.

The Green Bay Packers had one of the best rushing attacks in the NFL, ranking eighth in the league with 132.4 yards per game on the ground. In terms of getting in the endzone, the Green Bay Packers were averaging 31.8 points per game. The Packers gave up 3,539 yards through the pass last season, which put them seventh in the NFL. They allowed 221.2 passing yards per game and a completion percentage of 64.6 during their 16 games in 2020.

The Packers finished with 334 yards per outing, placing them 9th in the league. They gave up 23 passing touchdowns and 16 rushing touchdowns during last season. For the previous year, they gave up 4.5 yards on average each catch and 112.8 rushing yards each game. They allowed 1,805 rushing yards in 16 games. They gave up 23.1 points per game, which was the 13th-worst mark in the league.

NFL Picks And Predictions Week 1: New Orleans Stats

The Saints closed the season with a 12-4-0 record. The Saints lost by a score of 30-20 when they last played the Buccaneers. Drew Brees (1 TD) completed 19 of 34 passes for 134 yards with a passer rating of 38.1 and three interceptions. His longest pass went 16 yards.

Alvin Kamara rushed the ball 18 times for 85 yards, gaining 4.7 yards per carry during the contest. For New Orleans, Emmanuel Sanders had 6 catches for 48 yards (8.0 yards per catch) in the passing game. New Orleans rushed for 4.2 yards per carry, finishing the league with 104 yards on 25 rushes. The Saints gained a total of 294 yards while executing 60 plays (4.9 yards per play).

Their pass defense allowed a completion rate of 54.5 percent, allowing 189 yards on 18 completions for 33 passing. The Saints gave up 35 rushing attempts for 127 yards (3.6 yards per carry).

Saints Offensive Stats

The New Orleans Saints had an average of 376.4 yards on offense, which was 12th in the NFL. They recorded 199 first downs while intercepting 8 passes and losing 9 fumbles. The Saints’ running game has always been a workhorse, and last year they rushed for 2,265 yards on average (141.6 ypg).

The offense accumulated 1,005 penalty yards on 98 infractions, which was 9th in the league in terms of hurting your team. Last year, the Saints passed for 3,758 yards and gained 234.9 passing yards per game, putting them 19th in the NFL. The Saints were 5th in the NFL last season when it came to scoring points (30.1 PPG).

NFL Picks And Predictions Week 1: New Orleans Defensive Stats

The Saints gave up 21.1 points per game, which put them in the top 5 in the league. They conceded 337 total points last year. Last season, the New Orleans Saints allowed 1,502 rushing yards (93.9 per game) and 11 rushing touchdowns in 2020.

They gave up 28 passing scores as well as 217 yards per contest, placing them 5th among NFL teams. The Saints defense played 992 snaps, which put them fourth in the NFL. The year before, they had 26 turnovers (8 fumbles and 18 interceptions).

Who will win the Green Bay Packers/New Orleans Saints NFL game against the spread?

OddsFanatic’s Pick: Take the New Orleans -1.5

Los Angeles Chargers at Washington Football Team

Odds/Point Spread: Washington Football Team (+1)

Total/Over-Under: 45.5

The Los Angeles Chargers ended the season with a 7-9-0 record. In their most recent game, the Chargers defeated the Chiefs by a score of 38-21. 22 of Herbert’s 31 passes went for 302 yards and three touchdowns. He completed the game without a single interception and had a QBR of 134.1, which is outstanding. Austin Ekeler (33 yards, 6 catches) and Kalen Ballage (13 rushes for 36 yards, 2.8 yds per attempt) were the Chargers’ top rushers. Austin Ekeler had an average of 5.5 yds per reception with 33 yards on 6 catches while Kalen Ballage averaged 2.8

The Los Angeles Chargers ran the rock 35 times for 135 yards, resulting in an average of 3.9 yards per carry. They had 69 plays for 416 yards in total during the game. With a completion rate of 71.9 percent, Los Angeles allows 23 completions on 32 attempts for 217 yards each game. When it came to the battle of the line of scrimmage, the Chargers allowed 51 yards on 17 tries, which translates to 3.0 yards per carry allowed.

Los Angeles Chargers Offensive Stats

When it comes to scoring in the end zone, the Los Angeles Chargers have an average of 24.0 points per outing. The Chargers rushed for an average of 111.5 yards as a team, placing them 18th in the NFL. The Chargers amassed 6,113 total yards last season. Los Angeles threw 31 TD passes and 12 rushing TDs. The Los Angeles Chargers recorded a total of 226 first downs while on offense, but they were penalized for 85 penalties for 710 yards. They had 16 turnovers (ten interceptions and six fumbles lost).

In terms of passing yards, the Chargers allowed 3,578 last season, putting them in ninth place among all NFL teams. They gave up 223.6 yards through the pass and a completion percentage of 62.6 per game in their 16 games last season. The Football Team allowed 343.4 yards per game, which put them 10th in the NFL. They gave up 29 touchdowns through the air and 17 rushing touchdowns. The opposition rushed for an average of 4.5 yards per carry and 119.8 yards on the ground per game last season, according to ESPN stats. They gave up 1,917 rushing yards in 16 games during the campaign, placing them 23rd in the NFL in terms of opposition scoring.

NFL Picks And Predictions Week 1: Washington Stats

The Football Team finished the season with a 7-9-0 record. The Football Team lost by a margin of 31-23 when they last played the Buccaneers during the campaign. Antonio Gibson rushed the ball 14 times for 31 yards in his debut with Washington, gaining 2.2 yards on each of those carries. Cam Sims caught seven passes for 104 yards (14.9 yds per reception) for the Football Team.

Taylor Heinicke finished with 306 yards on 26/44 passing with one touchdown. He threw one interception and had a 36-yard reception among his longest completions. Washington gave up 29 runs for 142 yards (4.9 yards per rush). The Football Team’s passing defense gave up a completion rate of 55 percent, allowing 365 yards on 22 of 40 passes. The Football Team accumulated 375 yards and ran 69 plays (5.4 yds per play). Washington rushed for 3.7 yards per carry, gaining 86 yards in 23 attempts.

Football Team Offensive Stats

The Washington Football Team averaged 317.3 yards per game, putting them 30th in the NFL. They gave up 16 interceptions and 11 fumbles while collecting 184 first downs, according to collected data. The Washington offense had an average of 100.7 yards rushing per game and 1,611 for the season.

The Washington offense was penalized 697 yards on 87 infractions, putting them in 16th place in terms of how they hurt their team. Last season, the football team threw for 3,465 yards through the air and averaged 216.6 passing yards per game, which was 25th in the NFL. The Football Team ranked 25th in the NFL with an average of 20.9 points per game.

NFL Picks And Predictions Week 1: Washington Defensive Stats

The Football Team surrendered 20.6 points per game, placing them fourth among all NFL franchises. They conceded a total of 329 points last year. Washington allowed 1,805 yards on the ground (112.8 yards per game) and 14 rushing touchdowns in 2020.

They surrendered 21 passing touchdowns and 191.8 yards/game through the air, putting them 2nd in the NFL. The Football Team defensive unit played 1,004 plays last season, putting them 10th in the league. They had 23 turnovers (7 fumbles and 16 interceptions) last NFL season.

Who will win the Chargers/Football Team NFL game against the spread?

OddsFanatic’s Pick: Take the Los Angeles -1

San Francisco 49ers at Detroit Lions

Odds/Point Spread: Lions (+7.5)

Total/Over-Under: 45.5

The San Francisco 49ers concluded their 2020 season with a 6-10 record. The 49ers battled the Seahawks in their final game and lost by a score of 26-23. Jeff Wilson rushed for 76 yards on 20 carries for the 49ers (3.8 yds per carry). George Kittle had 9.7 average yards in his 7 catches, which resulted in 68 yards. C.J. Beathard went 25 of 37 for 273 yards and 1 TD while passing at a rate of 98.1 percent without throwing a interception in this game against the Seahawks.

The 49ers were unsuccessful in stopping the run, yielding 121 yards on 27 rushes, or 4.5 yards per carry surrendered. On 36 pass attempts, San Francisco gave up 20 completions for 159 yards and a completion percentage of 55.6 percent. In the game, they logged 64 plays for 328 yards. The San Francisco 49ers ran the ball 24 times for 86 yards, which translates to an average of 3.6 yards per carry.

San Francisco 49ers Offensive Stats

The San Francisco 49ers achieved an average of 23.5 points per game throughout the season. They finished 15th in the National Football League with a run game average of 118.1 yards. The 49ers put up 5,922 yards in 2020. San Francisco scored 25 passing touchdowns and 19 rushing touchdowns last season. The 49ers had 217 first downs as a team and were penalized 85 times for 731 yards. They lost the ball 31 times (17 interceptions and 14 fumbles).

The San Francisco 49ers are ranked 17th in the NFL when it comes to team defense, allowing 24.4 points per game. They let offenses run for an average of 4.0 yards per rush and 106.4 rushing yards on average last season. Overall, they conceded 1,703 rushing yards in 16 games. The San Francisco 49ers allowed 3,327 yards in 2020, placing them fourth in the NFL. They gave up 207.9 yards through the air and 63.5% passing completion rate over their 16 games. The Lions gave up 25 passing touchdowns as well as 12 rushing TDs. They allowed 314.4 yards per game, placing them 5th in the NFL.

NFL Picks And Predictions Week 1: Detroit Stats

The Lions ended the 2020 season with a 5-11 record. The Lions lost their last encounter by a score of 37-35, when they played the Vikings. D’Andre Swift rushed the ball 12 times for 54 yards, accumulating 4.5 yards per attempt for Detroit. Marvin Jones was a big part of Detroit’s passing game, catching 8 passes for 180 yards (22.5 yds per catch). Matthew Stafford (3 TDs) threw for 293 yards and converted 20 of 31 passes, with an efficiency rating of 114.0.

He had one interception and a 43-yard passing play as his longest completion. The Lions’ defense gave up 31 rushes for 125 yards (4.0 yds per carry) while the pass defense gave up 383 yards on 28 completions for 40 percent accuracy. They amassed 417 yards in the game while executing 54 plays (7.7 yards per play). The Lions rushed for 5.9 yards per carry and finished with 129 total yards on 22 attempts.

Lions Offensive Stats

The Detroit Lions held an average of 350.2 yards per contest, putting them 20th in the NFL season 2020. They gave up 13 picks while letting opponents recover eight fumbles and they gained 220 first downs. The Lions rushed for 1,499 yards in total last season. They averaged 93.7 rushing yards per game and 1,499 overall.

The Detroit offense committed 860 penalty yards on 95 infractions, which was 12th in terms of mistakes made in the NFL. During the previous season, the Lions had 4,104 passing yards through the air and 256.5 passing yards per game, putting them 10th in the league. The Lions were 20th in football, with a scoring of 23.6 points per game, when it came to the points and score being displayed on the board.

NFL Picks And Predictions Week 1: Detroit Defensive Stats

The Lions gave up 32.4 points per game, putting them in 32nd place in the NFL. Last year, they conceded 519 points in total. The Lions allowed opponents 2,158 rushing yards (134.9 per game) and 27 rushing TDs last football season.

The defense ranked 30th in the NFL, giving up 38 passing touchdowns and 284.9 yards/game. The Lions defense was on the field for 1,068 plays, which was 29th in the NFL. They had 12 turnovers (5 fumbles and 7 interceptions) in the previous season.

Who will win the 49ers/Lions NFL game against the spread?

OddsFanatic’s Pick: Take the San Francisco -7.5