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With highly competitive teams, an exciting playoff structure, and a betting market that has so many highs and lows, betting on the NHL odds can be a profitable recreational activity for both beginner and advanced gamblers. In this article, we’re going to show you how to pick out a real money NHL betting site and teach you the basics of betting on hockey. By the end of this article, you’ll be ready to start placing bets. Below we have included our list of the best online bookmakers for betting real money on the NHL.

After analyzing dozens of online sportsbooks with hockey odds, our team of experts is here to bring you the best real money NHL betting websites. OddsFanatic provides you with everything you need to know about betting on hockey games and NHL teams. Every site we recommend is guaranteed to have the best possible experience, because we evaluate each aspect of their service through an exhaustive list of criteria.

None of the online, reputable NHL betting websites that make up our website’s recommended list ever has paid for placement. We want to remain as objective as possible so we can give you quality recommendations without any outside influences.

Towards the end of this article, you’ll see a few details on the criteria we used in selecting our list of potential betting sites.

Resources for NHL Betting and Bookmakers

NHL Picks and Free NHL Betting Tips

The first thing you will find on Odds Fanatic is our expert insights into NHL betting and tips. You can use this information to inform your own picks, or just learn about the thoughts of a professional bettor. Odds Fanatic provides users with information on NHL betting and analysis to help you make the right decision. We provide insights drawn from player stats, team history, and other data. With these hints, odds bettors can spot similarities in matchups that will enable them to improve their strategy. Our experts’ picks are like having an expert give you insider knowledge while you’re still learning how to bet on NHL games for money.

NHL Betting News

Making educated decisions is not merely about crunching numbers. A bettor has to always be aware of what is important, actively utilizing sports news and information on an ongoing basis and reading reliable sources of articles and blogs with a vested interest in the subject matter. Keeping up with the beat of the NHL, and knowing what information is relevant can help you make a much better pick. Oddsfanatic updates its site with all news pertinent to you as an NHL gambler so that you don’t have to go hunting for it elsewhere on the web.

NHL Betting Picks

We also produce NHL odds and betting news, giving you a chance to make informed bets every week. We provide in-depth coverage on everything from money management tips to strategy tools. Our site also posts updates on the NHL and betting on NHL games. For new players looking to become more familiar with hockey, we provide advice pieces that are beneficial for both rookies and seasoned vets of the sport.

NHL Betting Strategy

OddsFanatic provides everything you need to make informed decisions about your NHL pick. It is important to have a plan for a successful NHL season, and this site gives plenty of options to help you create an excellent strategy before heading out into the markets. Oddsfanatic provides you with everything you need to know for NHL betting and NHL odds. Here, we’ll give you a variety of tools that can help every player, whether they’re new to bet on the NHL or have lots of experience gambling on sports for money.

What Makes a Good NHL Betting Site?

Signup Bonuses

To find a good NHL bookmaker like Bet365, you want to look for one that offers a new player signup bonus. A signup bonus is given to players new to the site as incentive to join the site and play there. Sign up bonuses usually consist of deposits matched in full by the website.

For Example : New NHL betting sites may offer a 50% matching on the first $1000 in your account. This means that if you contribute more than 1000 to your account, they will provide an extra 500 added credit.

The bonuses on a bookmaker betting website make it possible to bet on a game of NHL knowing that if you lose, there are plenty more opportunities for profit. Betting with higher stakes can be nerve-wracking, but using these freebies will help minimize the risk and maximize your potential earnings.

Competitive NHL Betting Odds

Odds are how a sportsbook determines the relative payout of each wager. In order to get the best NHL betting odds, you need to find an online bookmaker that offers these opportunities with no fuss or fees. When it comes to making your NHL picks, remember to consider the odds. It’s important to take a look at all of your options and find which bookmaker has the best offer for you. There will be various odds per bet from site-to-site based on what they prefer to do.

We’ve narrowed your choices down by recommending the best NHL betting sites on the internet.

Promotions and Campaigns

NHL betting sites often offer promotions to lure new sign-ups and to encourage more frequent bettors. Invariably, different NHL bookmakers, even the same ones you’re already signed up with like 888Sport will have variable promotion levels that can vary based on your present standings in their promos or bets placed this season. Promotions pending your membership level of the NHL betting site can also overlap with bets you are already placing, but you have to opt in if you want to take advantage. By taking advantage of promos, and by gaining access to risk-free play, people who participate stand a chance at boosting their winnings while trying out new bets without losing any money.

Betting with Crypto

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have become much more popular in recent years, after becoming the latest craze in 2017 for online gamblers. Online gambling became a perfect match for these digital coins because they offer advantages over traditional methods of payment. When it comes to betting on the NHL, cryptocurrency is easily converted between players and bookmakers can be used for much more anonymity. With thousands of currencies being traded by millions of people, crypto will only grow in popularity with its rise as a payment method for sites hosting NHL bets.

Strong Security

One of the features that sets a quality NHL betting website apart from other sportsbooks is their security. Always make sure to play on an online sportsbook that takes player data securely, by using all-new technology. We’ve researched each of the sites we promote on Oddsfanatic, and verified them for safety. You can rest assured that you will have a safe and secure gambling experience if you decide to bet responsibly.

NHL Betting Devices

Gamers in this era desire control over their experience. This means being able to bet when and where they want, even if they aren’t in front of a computer. The best betting sites for NHL have a variety of options to suit the modern player. Everyday sportsbooks, online casinos, and mobile applications all provide different gaming opportunities so you’ll never miss out on an opportunity to place your wager.

User Interface

One of the reasons we chose these sportsbook sites is because they have a great on-site experience. They maintain their clean, straightforward, and beautiful interfaces by making significant investments in construction and development. You’ll not only be able to easily place your wagers on any of these NHL betting sites, but you can enjoy spending time with them.

Customer Service

As with any industry, it is crucial that the service a company provides meets the expectations of their customers. This is more imperative in betting where a customer may be putting money on every single game. The most successful and reputable NHL sportsbooks offer various contact methods 24/7 so that no matter what type of problem arises – whether big or small – you’ll find help. We’re a site that tells you everything you need to know about NHL betting and odds. Our goal is to inform readers on which sites will best serve gamers. Before making your deposit, we want you to be informed as well as aware of the risks involved in online gaming so that you can make the most educated decision for yourselves.

Understanding NHL Odds and Lines

Learning how to bet on the NHL online can seem tricky if you don’t understand odds and lines. Luckily, there are some simple concepts that will be easy to explain for beginners. We’ll outline them below in order to best show the basics then provide a few examples so players can learn how these factors work.

First is the odds. As previously outlined, the odds are how a bookmaker communicates to customers the payout for particular betting options. These values communicate what you can expect to receive in relation to earning $100 worth of action on your preferred bet.

For Example: If you bet $100 on a +300 underdog, your total winnings would be $400 (minus the original stake of $100) for each single dollar bet. Similarly, if you placed a -300 favorite with this same money in pre-game play, your “payoff” would be 133.30 dollars ($33.30 + $100). The better a team is expected to do, the less you win betting against them. Conversely, the worse a team is expected to do, the more you win by betting on them.

One thing you’ve got to know is how the spread typically operates. The line, or “spread” as it may be called, gives us a prediction of the margin by which one team should beat another – usually based on a half-point in increments. This number will be represented with a positive and negative sign on each side. A team that is showing a -5.5 chance, should win by 5.5 points, and the opposite is true for a +5.5 chance where you are expecting them to lose by 5.5 points on average.

Most Popular NHL Bets

Betting on sports traditionally just involves picking a winner. As the popularity of betting has increased, so have the different ways to bet. Ways now include predicting which team will win and calculating how many points are scored by individual players. The following are a few of the types of bets you can place when betting on hockey and looking at NHL odds. Determining which ones to use is the key, so try out different strategies until you’ve found the one that suits your fancy!

NHL Spread Bets

The most popular way to bet on NHL hockey games online is by betting the spread. Puck line bets are also referred to as this type of wager, and they level the playing field between teams who aren’t evenly matched or have a close score differential. While every team has certain strengths and weaknesses, there are always small differences that make it more likely for one team to win than another.

Bookmakers make up for this balance by offering what is known as the “spread” or the “line.” The line simply reflects the number of goals a team needs to win by in order for your bet to pay off. If you always bet on the favorite, you would win most of the time. Bookmakers go a step further by adjusting expectations so that for the good team, it isn’t enough merely to win – they want more. Let’s see an example:

Here, it is easy to see that the Sabres are predicted at -1.5 while the Oilers are projected at +1.5. This means that Buffalo has been favored by 1.5 goals, and this will equalize the teams because they are not only trying to win but have meet expectations of two points (again, pun intended). One thing to notice is that the half-point is generally used to prevent ties. If the bookmaker doesn’t use half points, there is the possibility of a “push” or a tie. However, since there are no “half goals,” this eliminates the possibility of a push.

To beat the spread, your team has to win and must do better than expected. For instance, from our previous example, the Sabres not only need to win but they must beat expectations by scoring at least two more goals. If the Buffalo Sabres win by 2, you win. But if they only won by 1 point, then you lose. Conversely, if the Edmonton Oilers lost by 1 point, you would win as a bettor on them being underdogs in this matchup.

When betting on an NHL game, be aware that the line in a spread bet isn’t set at the beginning of the game.

The line is the probability of each team winning the game. Bookmakers set it to encourage bets on their side, and as more money comes in one direction or another they’ll adjust it accordingly. A sportsbook could adjust the odds for a game by changing what is necessary to win, such as moving the line. For example, they might have too many bets on one team and not enough on another – so they raise the point spread between them. This makes it easier for people betting on that losing team to win their bet at that favored price.

NHL Moneyline Bets

Placing moneyline bets is one of more popular ways to wager on a game of NHL. These are simpler than spread bets, where you focus on picking the winner. However, these bets are still not a 50/50 proposition. The teams involved in a moneyline bet are never identical but the payout is adjusted to account for that. With traditional spread bets, we adjust expectations for each team rather than changing the payouts.

Takeaway: The other significant difference between these wagers is how they’re calculated and paid out.

In this example, Sabres are assigned the negative (-) number and therefore will have to win in order for your bet to be a winning bet. Oilers have been given the positive (+) number and they must lose in order for you to win. The larger the difference between these two numbers, the larger the perceived gap in quality. If there is a large difference, it’s expected to be a blowout. If there is little variance in the numbers, it’s expected to be more evenly matched.


Making a real money wager on the NHL is simple as long as you keep in mind that if your team wins, then you win. The only exception to this rule in betting lines is spread betting – where if your team loses but covers the spread, then it doesn’t matter and you still stand to make money. And so, because of the payout on a bet being scaled to the probability that your team will win, you often win less when you correctly guess which team is going to win.

– Say you put on a $100 moneyline bet for the Oilers at +105 odds, meaning they are expected to lose. If they have defied expectations and won this NHL game of hockey (according to their odds), then your payout will be $205 in total; you’ll more than doubled your money!

– Let’s say you place a $100 wager on the Sabres and they win. The team is favored at -125 which means you get an 80 dollar payout for your 100 dollar ($180) bet. In this scenario, the squad was much more evenly matched so there wasn’t too large a gap in payouts. Here, a bet on the underdog only pays $25 more than a bet on the favorite because oddsmakers think it should be a good match.

As you might expect, betting on the team that the bookmaker gives lower odds will result in a larger payout. Although our example resulted in similar payoffs because both teams were considered to be evenly matched, there are also differences among these outcomes with corresponding changes to payouts. The key to moneyline betting is recognizing that the odds represent not only how likely it is for a team to win, but also other factors such as their form or recent injury. When you know where to look, there are bets with staggering variances between the bookies’ experts and sports pundits.

NHL Over/Under Bets

Perhaps betting on a specific team doesn’t interest you, and you are looking for another type of NHL bet online. An over/under NHL bet is your ticket as it allows you to bet the total number of goals typically scored in each game without having to choose which team will win.

Here’s an example:

Over / Under Bet

The “O” and “U”, above, represent the amount of goals that are needed for the particular game to be considered as either an over or under. With our example, we can bet that the total goals scored will be either over six or under six. The payout for each isn’t fixed and depends on which side of the coin is more likely to win.

NHL Prop Bets

Betting on the NHL can be both exciting and frustrating. However, there are a few ways you can make your experience more enjoyable. One way to do this is with prop bets. Prop bets are wagers you place on specific outcomes within the game, separate from the overall result. They’re usually simple math questions such as how many goals a player will score. For instance, you might be able to bet on who will win the faceoff, which team will score first, or the number of minutes a particular player will spend in the penalty box. Prop bets can make online NHL betting significantly more complicated, particularly when they are part of a larger parlay.

An advantage of online NHL betting is that it also allows you to wager on a variety of prop bets that might not be available at your typical live sportsbook. Many brick and mortar sportsbooks have limited hours, which can limit their capacity for some of the more intricate prop bets, depending on what time they’re open and when games are taking place. By betting on a particular NHL game at one of the sportsbooks we recommend, you will have access to an array of special bets that can make the game more enjoyable.

Always keep in mind: Some prop bets are, simply put, luck. Outcome is completely random and you can’t control the outcome of a game. Prop Bets that make use of skill generally offer higher odds because they take more analysis to figure out what teams have the best chance at succeeding in these events.

There are many types of bets that may seem good for a casual hobbyist, but as someone who is serious about betting on the NHL, you should focus your attention on strategies that require more knowledge and skill.

NHL Future Bets

There are several different types of bets that people can make on NHL games. While these are not necessarily all the same type of bet, betting is somewhat similar in principle to futures and sometimes called a future bet. Most often, future bets refer to predictions about a team’s likelihood of making it past preliminary rounds or winning the Stanley Cup. There are a few different ways to bet on your team. Outside of betting on them mid-season, you can make future bets in the offseason that will pay off significantly more if your team is successful going into next season. This type of long shot can be great for people who want to be hands-off while still getting their gambling fix every once.

Summary on NHL Betting Online

With NHL betting, you can not only make some money but also enjoy the exciting nature of the game. Whether it’s an underdog team coming back to win or a goaltender stopping a breakaway goal down near the end of regulation time, there are countless moments that make NHL betting worth considering and lots of opportunities for having fun.

NHL Betting FAQ

Is It Legal to Bet on the NHL?

Yes, betting on the NHL is legal in many countries across the globe. There are reputable sites you can bet on from like those that made our list.

How Do I Bet on the NHL Online?

There are lots of online betting providers that offer NHL odds. Oddsfanatic has helped to narrow down the best options, which are listed above.

What Bet Type Is the Best for an NHL Game?

When setting your betting goals, the type of bets you take will depend on a variety of factors including knowledge and risk tolerance. One style may be better suited for someone who is looking to make straightforward decisions. If you have experience with betting and are looking to place more than one bet, odds raters or prop bets may be for you. Otherwise, future bets will allow you to make fewer decisions throughout the season.

What Strategy Is Best for Betting on the NHL?

In order to be successful at betting on NHL, whether it’s playoff hockey or regular-season play, you need to know where to find the best value and opportunities. Odds Fanatic can provide information and guidance as you refine your strategy until “you’re slaying.”

Can I Place Multiple Bets on a Parlay?

Yes, NHL betting can be similar to other sports in that you are able to place parlays across a wide range of bets just like they can in any other sport. These type of bets have the potential to significantly increase your payout since it relies on multiple outcomes.

Where Can I Bet on the NHL Online?

When betting on the NHL, we recommend using sites like the ones listed above because they often offer more prop bets than live sportsbooks and are all verified secure.