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Premier League betting is the most popular type of football gambling in the world. With millions of Pounds and Dollars bet on Premier League games each and every weekend, it presents its own challenges for novices and serious punters alike. Odds Fanatic provides everything that you need to know about Premier League betting and football, with detailed guides on how to successfully bet on EPL games.

Introduction to EPL Betting

The English Premier League is the top tier of English and even international football, and many people around the world tune in every week to watch it. Premier League betting and football odds are popular to the point that more Premier League bets are placed each season than Germany’s Bundesliga and Italy’s Serie A together.

In Premier League betting guide, we will go through the ins and outs of England’s top division to make sure that our beginners become experts.

Premier League Betting is the biggest betting market in Europe.

How Does the Premier League Work

The Premier League is known as the English Premier League in non-British countries and consists of 20 teams. The season typically runs from August through to May, with each side playing 38 league games during that time.

Premier League Title Winners and European Qualification

The team with the most points at the end of a Premier League season, after 38 match days wins. Three teams who finish in second, third and fourth place qualify for Europe’s most prestigious club competition, the Champions League, next year. Fifth place will participate in the Europa League.

Teams that finish sixth and seventh place in the English Premier League can also qualify for a Europa League spot depending on teams’ performance and success in the domestic and continental cup competitions. If a team wins the FA Cup or League Cup, they have an extra chance of qualifying for Europa League. If they’re already guaranteed a spot in a European competition like the Champions League by finishing in the top four, then the next highest-finishing team will take their original place in the Europa League.


Positions 18, 19 and 20 represent the ‘relegation zone’ of English Premier League Football system. Three sides who finish last in these three positions are relegated to the second tier of football; currently known as The Championship. The first- and second-place team in the lower Championship get promoted to the Premier League for next season. The third spot is taken by the winners of promotion play-offs involving 4 other teams that end up 3rd to 6th place in the Championship division.

English Football History

The English Premier League was created by the clubs in the English First Division that broke away from the Football League in 1992. The Premier League operates as one of four professional leagues in England, while the other three league operate under the Football League. It became the top division, while Football League Division One became the second, Football League Division Two became the third and Football League Division Three made up the fourth.

English Premier League was initially known as the FA Premier League (prior to 1993/1994) and then became the FA Carling Premiership from 1993/1994 to 2001. Barclays became the top league’s sponsor until 2004; then in 2007 the English Premier League rebranded and became known as Barclays Premier League. This name lasted until 2016/2017 season, when it was simply again renamed to the Premier League.

The English Premier League began with 24 teams. It was lowered to 20 for the 1994-1995 season and has remained the same since, with those 20 teams playing 38 games every season. Altogether, 47 teams have been in the English Premiership since it was born and 7 of those findings themselves Champions.

  • Manchester United (13 championships)
  • Manchester City (5 championships)
  • Chelsea (5 championships)
  • Arsenal (3 championships)
  • Liverpool (1 championship)
  • Leicester City (1 championship)
  • Blackburn Rovers (1 championship)

Almost all sides to compete in the Premier League have been English-based, with Swansea City becoming the first non-English club to play in the Premier League in 2011. They were joined by their Welsh rivals Cardiff City a season later, but were relegated a season after that.

Premier League Champions


*denotes the Premier League title won on goal difference

Premier League Betting Odds Explained

To make the most money betting on Premier League matches, it is important to be well-versed in understanding Premier League odds and various betting markets.

Bookmakers and sportsbooks offer betting markets that range from the outcome of an entire league (future bets), such as title winners and top four finishers who will qualify for the Champions League next season, to betting on individual Premier League games like Asian Handicaps and Both Teams To Score bets.

Odds for Premier League Matches

There are many different bet types covering specific outcomes for Premier League betting games. The most popular of these include:

  • Match Result 1×2 (Moneyline bets): Betting on the result (Away win, Draw, Home win) at the end of the regular playing time of 90 minutes plus added time.
  • Asian Handicap (Spread bets): Making a pick on the winner with each competing team carrying a goals handicap.
  • Goal Total Over/Under (Total bets): Betting over or under a specified number of goals.

For a comprehensive list and detailed descriptions of bet types, please read our Bets Odds Explained guide.

Premier League Title Winning Odds

Each bookmaker and online betting site offers odds for Premier League clubs to win the league. These are often referred to as the Premier League title odds, and they can be found before and throughout the season. Premier League betting has seen its fair share of surprises. For example, Leicester City were 5001.00 to win the Premier League title before the 2015/2016 season began and indeed went on to become Premier League champions in one of the biggest shocks in modern English football history. Reports suggest that British bookmakers have lost a combined £25 million due to this EPL football surprise.

To increase your chance of winning money betting on the Premier League, you should always compare bookmakers and find the best odds when looking at a particular market. Yet, it is still a good idea to compare odds before making a selection in Premier League outright betting because you could end up with the worst odds out there.

Future Bet Example

Odds on a team winning the Premier League will vary over the course of a season or tournament, with their chances depending on how well they are doing and where they are in the league table. It’s important to keep in mind when betting on the premier league that what bookmakers are offering odds for depends on many different factors. For example, a team’s chances of winning will depend on injuries, signings and managers during the season.

Bookmakers offer to bet on a Premier League winner and they provide an example. Each way terms are 1/5 odds on teams that finish in the top 3 of the league. To bet £20 each-way on Tottenham would be to place a stake of £20 on them at 10.0 odds for the Premier League title and also a stake for finishing in 3rd position at 1/5 the odds of 10.0

Odds Are Calculated as Such:

  • ((Each way terms) of (winner odds – 1)) +1
  • So in this example, our each way odds for Tottenham would be:
  • (1/5 of (10.0 – 1) +1
  • (1/5 of 9.0) +1
  • 1.80 + 1
  • 2.80
  • Our £20 each way on Tottenham is two bets:
  • £20 on Tottenham to win the Premier League at odds of 10.0
  • £20 on Tottenham to finish top 3 at odds of 2.80

One reason that Premier League outright betting is so popular is the ability to trade in and out of the market each month. For example, a team may have an easy first game or two of the season. In this scenario, you may want to wait until after the opening round of fixtures is complete before betting. Given a club’s poor start, they odds are likely to lengthen over time as their positions worsen. Conversely, if your club has an easy start and you anticipate them winning early matches, it might be worth investing earlier.

Top Four Odds

The Premier League Top 4 race keeps viewers waiting to the last game of the season despite knowing that title and relegation are already decided. The final Top 4 Premier League positions are significant as they dictate which teams will be playing in the UEFA Champions League the season after, which not only provides a chance to accumulate more official points and score additional financial rewards but also adds prestige to that particular club.

Below are an example of Premier League Top 4 Odds, with odds posted by 10Bet (Canadian players) prior to the beginning of the 2021/22 Premier League season.

If you’re visiting OddsFanatic from the UK 10Bet have a special offer you.

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18+; New Customers only; Min. deposit £15; Bonus amount 50% of deposit up to £50; Wager deposit and bonus 8x within 60 days; 4/5 Min. single odds or 2/5 min. acca selection odds; Max. stake contribution equal to the initial bonus; Certain bet types and payment methods excluded; See full terms; Terms apply;

Top 4 Premier League betting options

Premier League top 4 (odds) is one of the largest markets for betting. With this market, you will pick one team to finish in the Top 4. You can also take a more complicated route and bet what is known as “exacta” where you predict every team that finishes in the Premier League’s top four teams during season.

For Premier League finish betting, you can also bet on the following markets:

  • Top 2 Odds
  • To Finish Top 6 Odds
  • Top 10 Odds
  • Bottom 10 Odds
  • Not To Finish Top 4 Odds
  • Not To Finish Top 6 Odds
  • To Finish Bottom Odds
  • Top At Christmas Odds
  • Bottom At Christmas Odds

Relegation Odds

One of the most popular bets for soccer betting and football odds enthusiasts is predicting which three teams will finish in the Premier League at the bottom of their respective table. Relegation odds are on offer before and during a season, with future prices changing as stats progress throughout a game’s or season’s progression.

Below are Premier League relegation odds for the 2021/22 season, according to 888Sport:

888Sport bottom 4 Premier League betting

There are two types of betting markets for Premier League relegation odds: Will be Relegated or Will Remain in the Premier League.

Points Handicap Odds in the Premier League

In the English Premier League, each club is given a handicap in point range. Typically, the favorite to win the league gets a 0 (scratch) and relegation candidates have 40 points or more of separation.

In this type of betting, each club has a handicap to create an even race. For example, one soccer team might have -5 points while the other side may have +3. At the end of the season, clubs combine their total points with their handicap to determine who wins the market. It is important for bettors who feel confident in identifying teams that are due to over-perform in the upcoming season.

Top Goalscorer Odds

One popular betting market is the Premier League Top Goalscorer. Like other Outright Markets, you can bet on who will finish the season as the Premier League’s Top Goalscorer at the start of and throughout the season. Below are odds from Bet365 for the 2021/22 Premier League season.

Top Goalscorer Premier League Betting

Many bookmakers offer odds on which player will be the club’s top goalscorer. This can be profitable for bettors who have a deep knowledge of the league, particularly those clubs that are expected to finish in the lower half of the table. When it comes to outthinking betting analysts in the world of Premier League football, how many bettors can accurately predict who will finish as top goalscorer for a team like Burnley or Everton?

Below, you can see that in only nine instances since the creation of the Premier League 29 seasons ago has the team with the most goals also won.

EPL Top Goalscorers Season by Season

92-93T. SheringhamNottingham/Spurs22
93-94A. ColeNewC34
94-95A. ShearerBlack34
95-96A. ShearerBlack31
96-97A. ShearerNewC25
97-98D. DublinCoventry18
97-98M. OwenL’Pool18
97-98C. SuttonBlack18
98-99J.F. HasselbainkLeeds18
98-99M. OwenL’Pool18
98-99D. YorkeManU18
99-00K. PhillipsSunder30
00-01J.F. HasselbainkChelsea23
01-02T. HenryArsn24
02-03R.v. NistelrooyManU25
03-04T. HenryArsn30
04-05T. HenryArsn25
05-06T. HenryArsn27
06-07D. DrogbaChelsea20
07-08C. RonaldoManU31
08-09N. AnelkaChelsea19
09-10D. DrogbaChelsea29
10-11C. TevezManC20
10-11D. BerbatovManU20
11-12R.v. PersieArsn30
12-13R.v. PersieManU26
13-14L. SuarezL’Pool31
14-15S. AgüeroManC26
15-16H. KaneSpurs25
16-17H. KaneSpurs29
17-18M. SalahL’Pool32
18-19M. SalahL’Pool22
18-19P. AubameyangArsn22
18-19S. ManeL’Pool22
19-20J. VardyLeicester23
20-21H. KaneSpurs23

Five Successful Strategies For Betting On the EPL

The Premier League, like all football betting, has a number of different aspects that help you on your way to generating profits. We have the most important ones listed below.

  • Never bet blindly, and always consider if the odds seem fair.
  • Specialize in certain markets
  • Apply a staking method
  • Keep a detailed log of your bets
  • Use multiple bookmakers

Do Your Regular Research Before Making a Pick

Knowledge is power. And when it comes to beating the bookmakers, knowledge equals money. When it comes to beating bookmaker odds, the Premier League is one of the most challenging leagues in which bettors face an uphill battle. We’re not just talking about football betting, but the odds for other sports leagues as well. In our experience, there is no better place than OddsFanatic to find accurate soccer and EPL odds while watching game-play.

The Premier League is one of the most popular sports leagues in the world, attracting wagers from thousands of people. Through the number of considered opinions on Premier League betting and soccer, these volumes create an efficient market with even odds. 

The Premier League is fascinating and perplexing to many. The best football bettors are diligent investigators that pound the pavement for information on upcoming matches. They stay abreast of every detail under the sun: injury reports, suspensions, head-to-head records, and even tidbits from a manager’s news conference.

Premier League Betting Statistics

The Premier League has certain betting characteristics that make it different from other leagues in the world. For example, how often do games finish with a score of 0-0 and what is the advantage for playing at home? We’ll look at Premier League betting statistics below, comparing data from 1,900 Premier League matches across the last five seasons with nine other top European football leagues.

These numbers should be considered only as a starting point when doing your own research. Dig deeper!

What Is Home Field Advantage Worth In the Premier League?

When analyzing statistics, it’s important to understand the implications of home field advantage. The table below includes the raw winning percentage for both home and away clubs across five European leagues over five total seasons.

LeagueHome Win %Draw %Away Win %
English Premier League44.5%25.2%30.3%
Belgian Jupiler League46.5%25.0%28.5%
French Ligue 145.1%27.4%27.5%
German Bundesliga45.4%24.4%30.3%
Italien Serie A45.2%27.0%27.8%
Dutch Eredivisie46.5%24.3%29.2%
Portuguese Primeira44.8%25.2%30.0%
Russian Premier League43.8%26.5%29.7%
Scottish Premiership41.8%24.2%34.0%
Spanish La Liga47.9%23.5%28.6%

How has home field advantage been in recent Premier League seasons? The winning percentage of Premier League home clubs have been 44.5% which is just below the league average of 45.3%. Premier League teams earn an average of 1.59 points when they play at home, slightly less than the league average of 1.61 points per match.

But what was home field advantage worth in the Premier League in terms of goal margin? The table below shows the average goals scored for both home and away clubs across the last five seasons of play.

LeagueHome GoalsAway GoalsHome Advantage
English Premier League1.541.19+0.35
Belgian Jupiler League1.621.22+0.40
French Ligue 11.441.07+0.37
German Bundesliga1.631.28+0.35
Italien Serie A1.501.14+0.36
Dutch Eredivisie1.771.36+0.41
Portuguese Primeira1.461.14+0.32
Russian Premier League1.391.08+0.31
Scottish Premiership1.461.24+0.22
Spanish La Liga1.631.13+0.50

EPL Goal Difference

During the last five years, Premier League home stadiums had an average goal gap of +0.35 goals. This is comparable with German Bundesliga across a similar timeframe. This +0.35 goal advantage translates to a 0.70 goal swing between an average Premier League club playing at home and an average Premier League club playing away on the road, according to a study conducted by Oddsfanatic.

Below, you can see that in Premier League matches from the last five seasons, clubs tend to have a higher home goal difference than their away goal difference. For example, Manchester City have been on average a +1.19 goal better team at home than they are away the last five seasons, the greatest differential in home and away form of all Premier League clubs during this time. At the other end of the spectrum, Crystal Palace have been a mere +0.02 goal better club at home in their recent seasons.

ClubMatchesHome/Away +/-
AFC Bournemouth38+0.00
Crystal Palace114+0.02
Hull City76+0.56
Leicester City76+0.61
Manchester City190+1.19
Manchester United190+0.67
Stoke City190+0.95
Swansea City190+0.74
Tottenham Hotspur190+0.49
West Bromwich Albion190+0.45
West Ham United152+0.79

Premie League Online Betting

Choosing an online bookmaker for your Premier League betting is a difficult task given the sheer number of bookmakers available. With the Premier League, there are some betting considerations that are key. When picking a bookie to place bets with consider the following:

  • Reputation and media profile of the sportsbook.
  • Availability of different Premier League betting markets.
  • In-Play betting markets and Cash Out available.
  • Betting odds, commissions and fees.
  • Mobile betting on EPL games.
  • Welcome Offer and additional promotional offers.

Football/Soccer Live Streaming

In the U.K., Sky Sports and BT Sport hold broadcasting rights to show Premier League live football on TV. Through their coverage, you will see a total of 168 Premier League matches per season in the U.K., with worldwide availability possible as well. Streaming live coverage of every Premier League match from the 2020-2021 season is available to those with a subscription service.

Which Sportsbooks Stream Premier League Games Live?

Although British bookmakers can’t offer live Premier League streaming to their UK customers, some channels like and allow English fans to listen in on the action while watching games from abroad. To be qualified for live streaming, users must have a funded account or placed bet in the previous 24 hours.

Betting Picks For the English Premier League

You’ll have no shortage of EPL predictions should you want them, because so many experts offer English Premier League predictions every week of the season that there are dozens available for most games. Aside from being able to compare various future bets and bookmakers odds, Oddsfanatic also provides a guide on how to bet on English Football Premier League.

There are very few tipsters who have had consistent success in the Premier League, so it may at times seem like filtering down to candidates is an impossible task. Fortunately, Odds Fanatic allows you to keep track of the past performance of our experts by viewing their statistics. This way finding a reliable tipster has never been easier!