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Wondering what the most popular sport in the world is? Well, good news and bad. Soccer has been considered number one among a variety of countries around the world, often garnering a large audience. On the downside, soccer and soccer betting do beat out all other sports by an even larger margin.

Soccer continues to grow in popularity. In the United States and Canada, soccer is becoming more mainstream. It was a mere twenty-seven years ago that the FIFA World Cup was held here, for example. Major League Soccer (MLS) has evolved into a well-regarded league, while many Americans watch overseas soccer like the English Premier League on NBC Sports.

Soccer betting, also known as football in many countries outside of the United States and Canada, is a popular sport for bettors and attracts more attention than any other sports. Not surprising, when you consider how many different matches play out on a single day. The number of leagues and competitions around the world would make it impossible to list them all.

Soccer betting is popular for many reasons, one of which being the fact that it’s quite simple to get started. With just a few minutes worth of knowledge, it’s possible to have a good chance of making money. Soccer betting is a fairly tricky game that introduces many variables. Soccer odds offer a more simplified and understandable way of placing your bets, but some guidance on how to make smart choices will help you find success for the long haul.

Soccer Betting

Soccer Betting: All you have to know!

You don’t need to be a soccer pro (or even know the game very well) in order make money from soccer betting but there are certain things you should know. Quite the opposite actually, knowledge can be powerful in the world of betting. The more you know, the easier it will become to make wise decisions.

Soccer betting is easier for beginners than you might anticipate. The best way to start is by reading this complete step-by-step guide that’ll help you get started with the basics.

Basics of Soccer Betting

Betting on soccer doesn’t have to be complicated. If you’re looking for a fun hobby, odds fanatic provides everything you need to get started betting on a game of soccer. Regardless of your goal, forming good habits will be beneficial. We have compiled a list of necessary tips that we read time and again in order to ensure you are on the right track.

Having a Budget and Betting Responsibly

Soccer betting, like soccer itself, is unpredictable. Betting on it is difficult. The one thing you do have control over is how much money you put into it. Set a budget and don’t ever bet with money that can affect your life if lost. We tell you this because we know its value first hand – we lived it!

When gambling, it is important to always abide by a clear budget. You should have set rules for how much you will stake on any one bet. This skill is known as managing your bankroll, and it is vital when betting on soccer matches.

Do Your Homework Before Soccer Betting

There is no set number of soccer competitions throughout the world. What sets Oddsfanatic apart is the dedication to educating and assisting bettors in their quest for soccer betting success. For this reason, we would not want to bet on any leagues or competitions that we do not know enough about. This, unfortunately, happens quite often.

It’s never a good idea to bet on teams outside of your knowledge base. Betting within leagues you are familiar with should be challenging enough – don’t make it harder by betting on unfamiliar teams when it’s not necessary.

Betting on soccer is challenging, but your research can give you better results when focusing on leagues and competitions you’re familiar with. You may want to learn more about other leagues and matches around the world, but don’t bet on them until you have some first-hand information from sources that are trustworthy.

Don’t Listen to Soccer Tipsters

There is a large amount of self-proclaimed soccer betting tipsters in the world. But only few are true experts on this topic. It’s hard to separate between them, which makes it difficult to find one you can trust. The majority of tipsters don’t provide much useful advice, they just suggest bets for you. On the surface it doesn’t seem like anything harmful, but most don’t have enough success to make their tips worth following on a regular basis.

Looking for the easiest way to make money betting on sports? Following secret tipsters is not it. Every one of those people know that’s what they’re doing, and you won’t do any better than them if you copy their bets. The path to success in this type of gambling has never been more clear: learn how to form your own opinion.

Read Blogs & Forums and Make an Educated Pick

One of the best resources out there for soccer fans is other soccer fans, or “soccer buffs”. Not only are they knowledgeable but they sometimes provide a more balanced perspective than you might find on betting blogs and forums. These are outstanding resources for soccer betting enthusiasts as well as fans who simply want to learn more about the teams and individual players.

Unfortunately, it is next to impossible to read every soccer blog and forum. There are many unreliable sources with poor quality content that should be ignored anyway. However, there are some very good soccer bloggers who offer great analysis of the game, as well as some informative forums that are worth checking out.

Invest Time on Your Soccer Betting

When betting on a soccer game, it’s important to consider your stake as an investment and the time you invest in researching odds. If you wish to wager on soccer, then Oddsfanatic provides a one-stop platform for all your soccer betting needs. Whether it’s just for fun or money, the site covers all aspects of bet knowledge and statistics as well as game predictions that can improve your chances of winning each time.

We’re not proposing that you spend hours and hours analyzing every possible aspect of every game. That is not necessary to do so. However, you should certainly spend a reasonable amount of time doing some research into the factors which impact your decision.

Analyzing Performances, Styles and Stats While Soccer Betting

Even if you don’t know much about soccer, there are opportunities for making money betting on this sport. By following the tips and strategies listed on this page, you may be able to experience some level of success without needing any extraordinary insight into soccer. You’ll be ahead of most people betting on soccer if you do all those things.

To give yourself the best chance of success, you will need to take it a step further. This would involve learning how to understand teams’ performances and their playing styles. And, you’ll need to learn how to analyze a wide range of different statistics too. Ideally, you should already have a good understanding of the game for this; however, that’s something understandable even if not yet mastered as you go along.

Which Factors Affect Soccer Betting?

When betting on soccer, what’s your objective? Don’t you dare say “to earn money”, as that’s too obvious. We want you to think outside the box. It would probably be better if we rephrased the question to something more like this: “What’s the best way to make a profit from gambling on soccer?”

To make money from soccer betting, you should be able to assess the likely outcomes of a game. There is no special trick or secret formula that will work every time. Regardless of what market you are betting on, accurate evaluations will be your best chance for success! When we bet on a team to win the league, determining how likely they are to be crowned champions is the key. When we bet on a team to get relegated, determining how likely they are to finish in the relegation places is crucial.

In soccer betting, we need to work out what the likelihood of an event happening is, figure out the odds and place a wager if it’s worth taking. Repeat this process enough times and you’ll start making money more often than not.

Not only do we need to know the likelihood of each team’s victory, but also by how much. This is where things can get tricky. Rather than rolling a dice and getting it right every time, we have to know there’s a one or two chances for each outcome when betting on soccer games. Soccer is difficult to predict as there are too many different elements which could influence the outcome of a soccer match.

Influential Factors on Soccer Betting

In this article, we’re going to explore the various factors that influence individual soccer games. Such factors usually predict an outcome, so learning how to assess them will enable you to bet on these games more successfully.

The problem is that there are a lot of factors involved in each soccer match. Trying to account for all the potential variations would be an impossible task. It’s not necessary to have a strong grasp on all the rules. In fact, there are very few that have a sizable impact on the game.

Instead, we want you to focus on the factors that have a REAL chance of influencing the outcome of games. In our opinion, these are the qualities you should be paying attention to.

When it comes to soccer betting, there are a number of different factors that can affect the game. These range from who is playing well to what team has momentum on their side and more. Just knowing that these factors affect soccer games is not enough. You have to know how they can affect games, and you have to be able assess them effectively. Analyzing and interpreting information can be very challenging, but for success make informed judgements and take the right steps.

Current Form is Crucial to Soccer Betting

Current form is an indicator of how a team is playing at this moment. It gives us some information about the performance of that team, so we need to take it into account when placing bets. It is easy to check the current form of a team, as league standings boards are published on many websites.

League form is an important consideration for some people, but we also recommend taking a look at recent results to obtain the most up-to-date info. Soccer organizations, like clubs or federations, publish their statistics on websites. You can visit the website for a club you are following to find out who they have played and how the game went.

Once you’ve identified an advantageous team to bet on, it is important to consider the momentum and confidence of that team before wagering. A team in good form is certainly capable of beating a stronger team. This is true even if they’re about to face a team that’s technically better than them.

It is safe to assume that a team in bad form will also perform poorly in its next match. Momentum works both ways; the teams who play without self-confidence stand out like sore thumbs on the soccer field. When placing bets on a soccer game, you can assess the likely outcome by using current form. However, given recent circumstances only tell part of the story, we also need to consider other factors like home advantage or who’s playing away from home.

– The caliber a team faces each game
– Winning/losing margins
– Recent performances

Performances are Important to Soccer Betting

It is important to know the quality of a team’s opponents. A team might have six wins in their last six games, but it may not be indicative of how they play because those 6 games are against weaker teams that the should easily win. So, does their current form actually matter? Probably not in this situation. Similarly, bad form might not be a major factor for teams who’ve played a series of extremely tough games back-to-back.

The margin of victory is also important to keep in mind. A team might have been narrowly winning their recent games or narrowly losing them, so their current form might not paint an honest picture. Although we can assume that a team with six recent losses is playing badly, they may not be. If they’ve only been losing by one goal, then this might not be fair to make the assumption because it could have just been an unlucky streak of games.

Sports performances can be misleading. Not only is form not an infallible guide, but you also need to consider how a team has been performing lately – recent results are more indicative of future outcomes than the team’s current form. Soccer betting requires you to research the teams and players before placing a bet. You shouldn’t pick a team for the next game just by looking at their form table or how they’ve played in recent games.

Knowing a soccer team’s current form will help you assess an upcoming game. However, it is important to remember that just because a team are doing well now they don’t always win and any who are in poor form right now do not have to lose. Certain teams are in a good form while others have been struggling recently. You need to judge how soon things will change when placing your bets.

Head to Head Records

Paying attention to head-to-head records is important, but will take a backseat to other considerations. The team that has won the majority of the matches between them and their opponents is likely the better option when it comes to betting patterns. When one team has an upper hand against the other, it might just reveal something about their opponent.

The problem with head to head records is that they’re not always indicative of past performances. We find some reasons why one team does better against a particular opponent, but there are no logical explanations for other occurrences. So it is important to be careful when making decisions based on these statistics because they may just be statistical anomalies.

Soccer matches are very difficult to predict in soccer, especially head to head records. Consider looking at past results and level of play as a general indicator for how the game will go, but always keep in mind that things change quickly.

Styles of Game Play

So far we have discussed two factors: current form and head-to-head records. These are data points that can be found easily, so drawing some conclusions from it should not be difficult.

Soccer is a lot tougher to predict than your average NFL game. You can estimate who might come out on top of the match, but it’s nearly impossible to pin down what will happen as both teams volley back and forth based on playing style and tactics. It is important to watch soccer live streams for yourself in order to get a good grip on the game.

Odds Fanatic doesn’t want to get too deep into this, but let us assure you that we do provide a lot of detail on this topic. The best thing you can do for your soccer betting when looking at teams is to get an idea of their preferred style. This helps to know how well they usually perform against other styles.

Discipline Is an Important Factor for Soccer Betting

Understanding why discipline matters in football or soccer betting will be very helpful. You may not find it to be a crucial factor, but understanding what each team can bring to the table might help you pick the right side of wager before blindly picking your favorite team.

When betting on an individual soccer game, take into account that it can (and probably will) change course if a player is given a red card. So long as you understand this possibility and accept the risk of placing your bet based on the odds, then there’s really no harm in wagering some money because you’re fully aware of the potential send-off. 

This is actually a really good illustration of how different pieces of information can be used to make betting decisions. The information is actually a useful warning sign. It prevents you from making bad value bets on games that might otherwise have looked good. Consider that information about when NOT to bet can be just as valuable as info about betting. This will save you money in the long run.

Home and Away Records

Soccer teams typically perform better at home than away. Common sense, but something to keep in mind when looking for betting opportunities.

Even when two equally matched teams are playing one another, the betting odds given by the bookmaker are always skewed in favor of one team. This is because the home team will almost always be favored in a match, even if there is no discernible difference between the sides. However, sometimes teams perform better on the road.

Occasionally teams might have poor home records. Tracking this kind of data has the potential to be a very useful tool. It could help you find value in the betting markets that others may not have detected and can even help you predict unexpected performers or outcomes.

In theory, the home team should be favored in a competitive match-up between two evenly matched rivals. However, if it is clear that one of these teams perform considerably better away from their own turf and at their opponent’s stadium, then you may have found some hidden value to exploit.

It is always beneficial to know when a team with strong home record is playing a team who has been struggling on the road. This could give you valuable insight into the likely game outcome. Before betting, it might be worth checking if bettors have already taken this information into account by looking at current odds. On the other hand, a team with an excellent away record playing against a suspect home team is not always given proper consideration. This presents a good opportunity for betting on value odds.

So, in summary, make sure you always take the odds of home and away games into consideration.

Weather Conditions

Soccer bettors often overlook the weather, but it should be a factor in how and when you bet. Although predicting the weather is impossible beforehand, checking what’s said about it may help determine if you should alter your betting strategy or go in on a particular game to win big.

Rain is a good example to use when the playing surface becomes wet and muddy. Heavy rain can help teams with quick body movements or those who tend to play long balls from defense to attack. On the other hand, heavy rain might be challenging for a team that likes short passes and possessing the ball.

Another example is wind. As a general rule, high winds can help teams that play on the ground and hinder those who prefer to use long ball tactics.

Weather Conditions Soccer

Betting on a soccer game can be challenging because there are many factors to consider. Simply knowing what the weather is like isn’t very helpful, so bettors usually combine it with other information in order to make an informed betting decision. Climate is just one of many environmental factors that can affect your team’s performance and the outcome of a game, but it may give you some useful insights into betting lines.

Schedules and Fixtures

Fixture lists can impact the performance of teams in their upcoming games. For example, having a busy fixture list can lead to exhaustion and even injury for players. Due to the high volume of games, teams often go through slumps. This is especially true for teams that do not rotate their players very often either due to a lack of resources or preference.

When a team has too many tough fixtures in a row, they may lose more games than is typical and struggle to stay confident. Conversely, if they have easy fixtures in succession, it can provide the necessary break for them to find confidence again.

You should also consider how travelling has an effect when betting on soccer. Many teams in continental competitions and domestic leagues will sometimes have to travel long distances midweek for a game, only to return home to another game the following weekend. If their weekend opposition has had a free week or played at home, they are more likely to be better rested than your favorite. 

International mandates on players should always be taken into account. Players may have to travel extensively during international breaks, affecting their performance for domestic league games in the following few fixtures.

Suspensions & Injuries

It’s a given that any team with several injuries and/or suspensions will likely be worse on their game. It’s entirely logical that having players out will have a negative effect on the performance of the team.

WARNING: Assessing the impact of injuries and suspensions is complicated, as it requires more than simply looking at WHO is missing on a team. You need to also consider which player are absent and how important they are to the team. The quality of their replacements will also factor in so you should make an honest assessment before you decide on what odds you make the pick.

One way to do this is by answering the following questions:

  • How many of one team’s players are missing?
  • What is each player’s importance to the team?
  • How good are their backups?
  • Will their replacements be as good?

This will help you gain a better grasp of the importance of injuries and suspensions. For example, imagine a team that only has two or three influential players. A sports team’s success is crucially dependent on the health of its players, and so even an injury to one player could compromise that success.

Essentially, a team that lacks depth will struggle with injuries or suspensions as they have few players to replace them. Teams with plenty of backup players won’t be badly affected when several player are unavailable for extended periods of time. This information NEEDS to be considered before gambling on soccer matches.

Injuries are one of the few betting factors that is not assessed by many bettors, which makes it a key factor to consider.

Soccer Betting Team Quality Analysis

It is worth your while to assess the overall quality of a team when betting on soccer. The easiest way to assess that quality is by assessing the squad as a whole, but you can also get a general idea by looking at individual players.

Finding a collection of great players does not always equate to success. Some teams have failed despite having talented players and this dilemma has continually been discussed throughout the history of soccer.

One recent example of this is Chelsea in the 2015/16 season of the English Premier League. After winning the championship, they then started next year’s campaign by losing nine of their first sixteen matches. The manager, Jose Mourinho, paid for this with a lost job. His replacement wasn’t very successful either as Chelsea finished tenth by end of the season.

Chelsea had players with unquestionable talent, including Eden Hazard, Diego Costa, and Thibaut Courtois. They should’ve easily been able to win the league or at least delivering better results and ending up in the top six.

There are many examples of underperforming teams that have performed better than anybody expected. One example is Greece, a team who won the UEFA European Championship in 2004. They had an excellent tournament, but not one player on their roster was world-class caliber.

Another recent example is Leicester City, a team that was tipped for relegation from the Premier League in the 2015/16 season. They were not a bad team but just lacked high-quality players compared to other teams in the league. Amazingly, they ended up as champions. To give you some idea of how improbable this was, the bookmakers started them at 5,000/1 for the duration of the season.

Assessing overall team quality is not as easy as taking a glance at the talent in that particular team. Many other factors also need to be assessed, which are listed below:

  • Quality of manager and coaching staff
  • Squad & team balance
  • Team spirit
  • Compatibility of styles

One of the most important factors in determining a team’s strength is what type of manager they have. The best managers are very sought after and make huge sums of money because they’re able to utilize their players’ talents and assemble cohesive teams with skilled squads on both offense and defense.

Transitioning into a new team dynamic is tricky, but it’s crucial to success. A group of prima donna players who only care about themselves will never achieve much together because everyone will be thinking solely of themselves instead of the team. Players who commit themselves to the team and are comfortable working with related playing styles are more likely to be successful.

Despite the large amount of talent on a team, it’s important to remember that there are many factors involved with determining how well they play. It can require work and time, but reviewing the odds and assessing the team quality can give you a boost in your betting decisions.

Psychology & Motivation

Understanding the psychology of soccer teams and players are important in predicting who will win. The state of motivation for any team is an accurate barometer of how a match will unfold. Cup games are a prime example of the effects of motivation.

Soccer knockout rounds frequently see the so called “lesser” teams earn victory over supposedly superior opposition. This is often due to a mix of motivation and pride from these less talented, lower-ranked teams.

When watching a game, both teams are usually highly competitive and determined to do their best. However, the better team may be more relaxed while their opponent is more focused. This often leads to surprising outcomes when the underdog does very well.

The results are far from guaranteed, but you may start noticing when a big favorite might not actually be as likely to win with the odds. This typically means there is value in betting on the underdog. Even though underdogs have lower odds of winning, it’s worth taking a chance on them because the payoff is much higher.

Betting psychology is a big reason to avoid betting on derby games, matches between big rivals and games where it’s hard for teams or individual players to deal with the match. It is difficult to predict the outcome of a football game if you don’t know how each team has reacted under pressure.

Soccer Betting Final Points

These factors should mostly be used for trying to predict the outcome of individual soccer games. Many can still be useful in other types of bets too though! Here are some examples:

  • If picking a winner of an overall league competition, the team’s quality should be considered before betting.
  • Consider the styles of both teams before betting on both them to score.
  • When betting on the total number of goals to be scored, you should consider weather.
  • Discipline should be considered when betting on the number of yellow or red cards.

These are just a few of the many ways that you can use Odds Fanatic to assist your betting. If you love soccer and understand the game, then much of what we have for you is common sense.

Be aware that this page has a lot of information, so you might be feeling overwhelmed. This is normal and doesn’t mean you need to apply every piece of advice or strategy on your own immediately. When betting on a game of soccer, it is wise to start with some factors you are familiar with and only broaden the scope as you gain more experience.

For those who aspire to really excel at this sport, they’ll need to put in some real effort. It isn’t easy to stay on top of every detail or predict the outcome of a game without putting in hours and hours of hard work.